Selfie La Serie # 4 / Azul Klein

Soy más amarillo que de azul, y es el amarillo parece que da vida, energía, luz. Peeeero.. le estoy dando la oportunidad al azul, eso sí no cualquier azul, azul klein y si puede ser en prendas molonas mucho mejor. Boodwah me hizo estos pantalones cortos en azul klein y son tan bonitos, el color

Blue shades – YRU – American Apparel and Miami

In Miami you always find cool buildings / locations to shoot. Even when that’s not your plan, you just gotta stop and shoot there because the place is perfect. This time “I planned” it, I passed a few times in front of this building before and I wanted to shoot here so badly beacause of

Afro Hair, Sportswear and YRU

You would not believe the story behind these shoes!! I have wanted a pair of YRU platforms for so long, not only because they are cool but also because I so tiny and these guys make me really tall in seconds. The point is I went to buy them at Nasty Gal, my first time