Como os contaba en el post anterior mi vida últimamente se basa en el color naranja y negro, hay calabazas por todos lados. Me tope hoy con un coche que iba decorado de halloween por dentro y por fuera, pero joder iba conduciendo y claro no pude hacer foto, pero esto es muy fuerte.  A

Halloween Costume Contest

Dios! Con lo que me gusta a mi un concurso de disfraces y si es parte de mi trabajo mucho que mejor. Para los que no lo sabéis, os cuento… Desde hace unos meses trabajo para We Love Colors, una empresa que vende medias, leggings, calcetines, guantes y otro montón de cosas (que por cierto

Selfie La Serie # 4 / Azul Klein

Soy más amarillo que de azul, y es el amarillo parece que da vida, energía, luz. Peeeero.. le estoy dando la oportunidad al azul, eso sí no cualquier azul, azul klein y si puede ser en prendas molonas mucho mejor. Boodwah me hizo estos pantalones cortos en azul klein y son tan bonitos, el color

Motocross girl

Am I into motocross now? It could be possible, but no. Im not good driving two wheels vehicles, I found a kid playing around and I asked him if it was possible to use his bike and helmet for a couple of pictures and he said, sure! But just a couple of minutes, I gotta

We Love Colors at Venice Beach

Hey everyone!! Finally I post some of the pictures we took at Venice Beach few weeks ago. I went with the We Love Colors crew and we made this cool video. It was my second time in Los Angeles, but the first time I was only 9, so we can say for sure it was

Tweety and Bell Bottoms

I took my favorite cropped sweater for a night walk at Miami Beach, tweety was really excited about the cool lights. I rarely wear jeans but recently I became addicted to bell bottoms, I found this ones on sale at ROSS , I tried them on and of course I got them.  A couple of days later

Giant Rubber Duck and Cyber We Love Colors girl

What happen when you are walking and you bump into a Giant Rubber Duck? yes! I wanted to take it home, but as that option was not possible I jumped in there another day to shoot some pictures with this pink guy , this could perfectly be my garden. Don´t you think so? By the

American Diner and platform boots

We were on the road from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, we were really hungry so we got off the highway on the first exit we found and we just found Richie´s Real American Diner , the staff was super friendly and they allowed us to take a couple of pictures. The light and the color

Afro Hair, Sportswear and YRU

You would not believe the story behind these shoes!! I have wanted a pair of YRU platforms for so long, not only because they are cool but also because I so tiny and these guys make me really tall in seconds. The point is I went to buy them at Nasty Gal, my first time

Candy Raver

What happen when someone tells you that your style is very “Candy Raver” and you have no idea of what that means .. yes! You google it, and guess what? It looks like there are hundreds of  “Amintas” out there. Im not a rave girl ( even when I look like one)  but I kind

Break the Rules

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”- Pablo Picasso I think I have always been against the rules, I just like to do my own thing as long as it makes me happy and if it can make others happy then it´s even better. But hey! Sometimes we

Sporty Chic? WTF?

Sporty chic? Boho Chic? Classy ? .. who invented the F***ing tags for every single thing in life? I always wonder why do we have to give a name and catalogue things and even people. Wear whatever the hell you want, even if it “does not match”. Who cares? Im wearing: We Love Colors leotard