When you find the perfect custom name necklace

For a while I was looking for a custom name necklace until I found oNecklace about three years ago, their production time is really fast and if you take good care of them they can last really long. As of right now I have one that says “Aminta“, “Born Unicorn“, “Sparkle” and a couple just with initials.


Im wearing: Thrifted velvet skirt / Shoppalu cardigan / DIY bag /romwe Jacket / thallo jewelry  Is it me or it seems that a nuclear bomb exploted into the social networks? A lot less people commenting or sharing stuff… is it the weather, the crisis?.. not sure… but people show some love!! —– Es mi imaginación o

Black & White #3

Im wearing Boodwah hot pants / Bego 4 Monso T-shirt / Blanco shoes / Oysho velvet jacket This is the 3rd look on my black & White series …. wearing my new Boodwah velvet hot pants, aren´t they just fantastic?  during the morning it was freezing but as the day passes it gets hotter… still