Blue shades – YRU – American Apparel and Miami

In Miami you always find cool buildings / locations to shoot. Even when that’s not your plan, you just gotta stop and shoot there because the place is perfect. This time “I planned” it, I passed a few times in front of this building before and I wanted to shoot here so badly beacause of

Faux fur and hot pants

I know that some of you are freezing right now or maybe you are wearing a big coat, hat and gloves, but believe me this how winter looks like in Florida, I don’t wanna know how is summer, but hey! for sure my Boodwah hot pants were made for Miami. Thank you my lovely friend

Water print and Neon lights

Wearing this splash colors tights and body I feel like Water Woman… so fresh even when Im all covered up . Also Lynda sent me this beautiful handmade ( In Philippines ) drop shape clutch few months ago and I couldn’t post pictures wearing it until now. You gotta visit her shop Little Odd Forest ,everything has

Giant Vintage and Blue Miami

Today is the last day at Miami ! It has been a wonderful time here, I have  been doing office work this time so I didn´t have enough time to walk around the city. But this so far the blue calor caught my eye. As you can see I always find a pair of Giant

Miami Sunshine !

Can you believe that after a week here yesterday was the first time that I jumped into the pool and had a chance to chill a little bit !  I had a lovely time with my friend Marta from Guapas 4 ever, we met in Mexico almost 6 years ago and I was really happy

Miami and We Love Colors here I go…

After 2 years working with We Love Colors and wearing their stuff almost every day Im going to finally meet all the staff, the factory and everyone behind this wonderful brand. While Im writing this post I have one hand on the keyboard and the other one on my suitcase getting ready for Miami , is