Tweety and Bell Bottoms

I took my favorite cropped sweater for a night walk at Miami Beach, tweety was really excited about the cool lights. I rarely wear jeans but recently I became addicted to bell bottoms, I found this ones on sale at ROSS , I tried them on and of course I got them.  A couple of days later

Giant Rubber Duck and Cyber We Love Colors girl

What happen when you are walking and you bump into a Giant Rubber Duck? yes! I wanted to take it home, but as that option was not possible I jumped in there another day to shoot some pictures with this pink guy , this could perfectly be my garden. Don´t you think so? By the

Coca Cola red

When I visited Japan last year, I was very inspired about the Japanese style – I still am-  but something that particularly called my attention was their way to wear sexy lingerie or pijamas  on their everyday looks.  You know I like playing, so this is my version inspired on the always cool girls from

Adventure Time with Havaianas Boots

Jake the dog, from Adventure Time asked me for help, he is trying to find the best Havaianas Boots for him. I think that the blue ones look really cool contrasting the yellow color of his body, what do you think people? Do you have any other suggestion for Jake? You can see all the

Smoothie Recipe

If there is something I love drinking often is a freshly squeezed juice or a home made smoothie. I was on the road and suddenly a colorful garden called my attention and decided  to turn back and stop by to see what was going on there, it could be fairyland, you never know. When I

Faux fur and hot pants

I know that some of you are freezing right now or maybe you are wearing a big coat, hat and gloves, but believe me this how winter looks like in Florida, I don’t wanna know how is summer, but hey! for sure my Boodwah hot pants were made for Miami. Thank you my lovely friend

Happy 2015

Happy. That´s the only word I want in my life this 2015. Just positive energy and good vibes.  The glitter middle finger down here is a message to all negative vibes out there, for sure they are not welcome around. By the way! I want thank WOVO for this Holiday present <3 Im loving my new

81 + Alejandro Loen

An oversized t-shirt, a wig , a pair of sunglasses and a couple of minutes were enough for Alejandro Loen to create this beautiful images. Make sure to follow him on Facebook and keep track of his colorful work. Hope you all had a wonderful week !! Friend´s T-shirt / Wig from Japan / ASOS

Black and White and happy days

Even though I consider myself a rainicorn , black and white is always a basic – to match with colorful stuff of course – I got this coat as a gift from Desigual through Canal Decasa as I won their Best Fashion Blogger contest last year.. I had the opportunity to choose any item I wanted

Blue is the color for Raiders !

Hello everyone! Im still in Miami working a lot on a new big exciting project … at the end of the week I will be back in Madrid full of energy and ideas… I shot the following images few weeks ago in Madrid wearing the new New Era collection  in collaboration with Raiders t-shirt in

Happy Birthday to me – Motel Rocks

Every year I get emotional on my birthday! I look back to what I have learned, the cities I have lived in, the people I have met through my journey ,mistakes I have made and I can say I have been lucky enough to have wonderful and inspiring people around who have supported me every