6 years blogging on Aminta Online!

Can you believe I started Aminta Online 6 years ago? During this time I have created my own path in an unknown land, staying true to my crazy self, taking blogging breaks whenever needed and posting non stop when I was inspired. I’m so grateful for every single experience I have had thanks to this blog,

Motocross girl

Am I into motocross now? It could be possible, but no. Im not good driving two wheels vehicles, I found a kid playing around and I asked him if it was possible to use his bike and helmet for a couple of pictures and he said, sure! But just a couple of minutes, I gotta

Nos vamos…

I was so happy thinking that spring was just around the corner, but guess what? we are still in winter and the weather man insists on that, this weekend Spain is getting fucking cold so there we are, wearing coats, boots, hats, all furry and warm stuff around us to keep ourselves safe ! this

Happy Valentine´s Day !

The best day happens everyday !! // Descubre la verdadera historia sobre San Valentín en EL BAÚL DE GUARDÍAN. ( CLICK AQUÍ ) El mejor día sucede cada día !! – El Baúl de Guardián. Sed felices 😀 Aminta

Deco DIYs

I came across Design Sponge few weeks ago and I must say Im impressed by their professional work, awesome carefully made and creative DIYs… this was my favorite and I had to post it for you to see it. Have a sit, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the blog.( Design Sponge) More DIYs..//

My new home!

As you know half of my brain is full of house, decoration, organization ideas.. I keep searching for my new place and I want it to be something like this… were those are just ideas because I can´t have a big house, at least by now, but for sure it has to be full of

Homemade Nachos!

It´s the first time I share a recipe in my blog, but some of you asked me about the homemade nachos so here you have it. Enjoy with plenty of guacamole. — Es la primera vez que comparto una receta en el blog, pero me preguntaba una amiga a través de instagram sobre los nachos

Roberto Martín + Río Shopping
Roberto Martín + Río Shopping

Roberto Martín + Río Shopping

Roberto Martín abre una nueva tienda en el Centro Comercial Río Shopping Valladolid, estuvimos allí he hicimos un video para que la conozcáis. Si venís por aquí avisad que quedamos todos y nos tomamos algo :D.. Quién se apunta?