Black Platform Boots Street Style

The day I found these platform boots on Depop I fell in love, they were a little bit overpriced for my budget so I let them go. A couple days later I saw them again on my feed and they were half price, so THAT was a sign. Couple days later I got them at my

Easy Yoga Routine for Beginners

I have been practicing yoga for a while now, I don’t consider myself a PRO, I would just say I enjoy the practice and I want to share that part of my world with you all.  This is a good resource for all the people new to the practice, an Easy Yoga Routine for Beginners

A 70s housewife

Today I am a 70s housewife, welcome home. Welcome to my life. I’m not sure if you know this about me, but at some point of my life I wanted to be an actress, I’m not acting on theaters or tv, but I got the starring rol in the story of my life. I believe

80s Bikini + belly Chain

This is another 80s Bikini to add to my collection. I own more vintage bikinis and swimwear than regular clothes, I guess that’s the perk of living in Miami and being addicted to thrift stores. Have you ever found your self owning too many of some items in your closet? No, I don’t go in the water with the

How to wear Leopard Print

How to wear leopard print? Well the answer is very simple just pair it up with your favorite pieces, with other prints, with solid colors, with a leather jacket, with swimsuits. To me it is a basic. Do you guys have any pieces in your wardrobe that are considered “basics” to you? I have this

70s Inspired Summer Look

This time I wanted to travel back in time to create a 70s inspired summer look. A pair of flare pants and a floppy hat were the key of my look. Everything I am wearing is actually second hand like most of the time. I think I should start recording my Goodwill adventures more often.

Ginger hair girl learning to swim in Miami

Say hi to Miss Ginger hair ( for at least a few days). I haven’t been very good documenting my hair changes lately. I have a few new wigs, I went from complete blonde hair to pink, to shave the sides and now ginger… you can see some of these changes on Instagram Other updates

Me voy a operar!

Me voy a operar amigos, conocidos y desconocidos que me visitáis! muy pronto mis ojos pasarán nuevamente por el quirófano. Para los que no lo sabéis uso gafas desde los 8 años (como dato curioso cumplo 30 en 3 meses), mis primeras gafas costaron un ojo de la cara, eran más grandes que mi rostro,

Blindfolded Make Up Challenge!
Blindfolded Make Up Challenge!

Blindfolded Make Up Challenge!

Hemos hecho dos videos sobre el Blindfolded Make Up Challenge, uno en mi canal en el que Courtney me maquilla a mi con los ojos vendados y otro en su canal en donde yo la maquillo a ella.  Podéis ver ese video haciendo click aquí.

Bikinis retro para el verano!

Wow! no me creo que ya hace 4 años del día que descubrí los bikinis retro de Boodwah mi diseñadora de cabecera todos los veranos. Fue precisamente buscando este tipo de bragas (partes de abajo) con corte de talle alto de inspiración vintage, encontraba pues eso alguna cosa, pero nada que me enamorara hasta que la

15 formas de ser feliz !

Cómo ser Feliz. Parece que es un tema que se discute mucho. Hay libros, seminarios, sectas, drogas, es algo por lo que trabajamos día a día, el propósito de algunos en esta vida,etc… como sabéis no soy de las que va dando consejos por la vida de como hacer cada cosa, siempre digo que cada