Beauty products made with natural ingredients… yes please!

A big YES for beauty products made with natural ingredients.

Few weeks ago  Soaptopia  sent me these products and I have been dying to try them out because they not only look cute, but they are full of goodness like peppermint, chocolate, eucalyptus, lavender, etc.. they have a huge variety for everyone, I’m into more citric smells, but there are flower soaps, green ones, earthy or warm and spicy!  I like companies that have great products and great values and you can tell there is so  much love behind this brand.

Just so you guys know, Soaptopia products are made in California.

I have always been into natural products for almost everything, and of course the ones you consume and/or put on your skin are even more important. On a daily basis I use coconut oil or olive oil as mosturizing or make up remover, I stopped using make up remover 18 months ago and I’m very happy with decision.

I will keep you posted on how these work out for me and how long they last. So far I couldn’t wait and started using the rainbow one! The soap for unicorns exists  🙂

I almost forgot about it! They not only offer soaps.. they have natural bath salts, oils, perfumes and many other naturally made products. Find out more about this awesome company here.

Kayaking and Snorkeling in Miami


Few days ago  Adventure Links invited me and group of  Florida Bloggers to celebrate their 20 years of hosting awesome adventures and their grand opening in Miami.

I had  a wonderful Sunday morning enjoying the amazing Florida sunshine, while working out ( Oh God! I was in so much pain the next day) kayaking and snorkeling, even though I still don’t know how to swim, I love water sports in this city. Of course I always make sure I wear a life vest and ask everyone to keep an eye on me.

Adventure links organizes all kind of fun activities in different states so make sure you check out their website! Right now they are totally prepared for Summer Camp ( Sigh! I wish I was in 9th grade right now).

Founded in 1997 by Anna and Austin Birch, Adventure Links has been a trusted leader in summer camps, outdoor education, team building, and more for 20 years. With convenient pick-up locations throughout Miami-Dade county, summer camp at Adventure Links is the perfect outdoor adventure for kids ages 8-14. From surfing and sailing to kayaking and environmental education, there’s something for everyone at Adventure Links.

Their summer Camp has two different options:

Water sports and adventure activities designed for rising 6th-8th graders in Sunny Isles & The Beaches.

Fun educational activities and water sports designed for rising 3rd-6th graders in Biscayne Bay.

Kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, snorkeling, surfing, environmental education, & more. Adventure Links offers seven convenient pick-up locations throughout Miami-Dade county, so take note: Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest Palmetto Bay,Cutler Bay Miami Shores Aventura,North Miami Sunny Isles, Bal Harbor Miami Beach

For Information Visit:

Email: [email protected]

Both options are $550 and include all activities, equipment, and transportation from the pick-up location to the daily activities.

Use my code AMINTA  to get 10% off ($55 savings).

More Trees Less Assholes

If you are one of those with extra dose of love laying around this Valentine’s Day maybe doing something for the planet would be a great plan. How about planting a tree? There is some technicality to it, so follow please this guide on how to do so.


If you are too lazy to do it, but you think is a good idea you can support a local non profit to do it in your name. Here and here are some options if you are not in the mood to google it yourself.

Because you gotta get fancy to plant a tree, right?… I’m wearing:  Zaful Body Chain/ Thrifted Lace Top and Camo Pants/Forever 21 Hunter Green Halter top/ DIY choker.  Photos by Julieta 

Para los románticos empedernidos con una dosis extra de amor en la maleta os propongo una idea este San Valentín…. dedicar unos minutos al planeta y plantar un árbol. Como el reto no es tan fácil como parece y os tengo cariño y os dejo una guía aquí para no liarla parda en el intento.

Si se os da fatal el tema también podéis donar a organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro que se dedican a ello en vuestro país. 

A dar amor a todo aquello que os rodea hoy y siempre! 

When you find the perfect custom name necklace

For a while I was looking for a custom name necklace until I found oNecklace about three years ago, their production time is really fast and if you take good care of them they can last really long. As of right now I have one that says “Aminta“, “Born Unicorn“, “Sparkle” and a couple just with initials.  Every year they come up with new designs, the last name necklace I got from them is the one I’m wearing in the picture below, this is a velvet choker version with goth letters.

This is another new acquisition, the double chain with my initial and a wishbone.

The velvet bellbotoms of course were made by my dear Jayne from Boodwah, the bralette was part of a “sexy santa” costume that I found in Godwill and I adapted to become the  perfect match for my pants. The cover Up is from Ross and the boots from Dollskill. 

I went for a gipsy/ witch look this time. I added some fake freckles and Kat Von D’s black matte lipstick.

Photos by Julieta.

Welcome 2017

There is no perfect time or perfect age for anything, there is just THE time, which is your time.  Don’t compare yourself to others, write your own story and freely bloom.

Have a wonderful 2017.

bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-2 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-1 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-3 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-7 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-6 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-8

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

– Chinese Proverb

bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-5 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-9 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-10Local store wig / Walmart Bandana / Sex Shop Choker / Style We dress / We Love Colors fishnets / YRU rainbow shoes. Photos by Julieta

Gratitude and the powerful benefits hidden behind it.

This year I opened the door to a whole new world hidden behind the words mindfulness, mindset and gratitude. Today let’s talk a little bit about the last one.


Gratitude, the simple fact of being thankful, keeps you positive. You will see how it is a good exercise to see at the bright side of things.

Keeps you inspired, having your eyes open to the small things brings you a new way to see life. Maybe the color and shape of the clouds, the birds singing in the morning, the smell of coffee or flowers, the reflection of things on the water after a storm, the shades of the leaves depending on the season, buildings covered in snow, tracks made by animals and so on… it totally awakens your senses.


When you are grateful to the people that surrounds you, you are improving your social skills, making new connections and making someones’ day a little better. An smile with a thank you also helps. This will also bring awareness about others.

Gratitude brings you a peaceful state of mind which means less stress and better sleep.

gratitude makes you happier!


As the end of the year seems like an appropriate time to recap, I leave you with the things I am grateful for this month.

I’m grateful for:

  1. Setting up the photo studio at We Love Colors .
  2. Moving to a new house.
  3. Getting closer to my family.
  4. Building stronger friendships.
  5. Working with amazing people. Thanks West Elm for providing the location to shot these photos. grateful-amintaonline-christmas-tree
  6. Getting a new phone after dropping the old one in the ocean (Not intentionally)
  7. Friends helping me moving and giving me stuff for my new home.
  8. Finding beautiful plants on sale.
  9. Catching the sunset from my balcony.
  10. Downloading waze and getting faster to work while I discover new places around me.

I’m planning on starting a gratitude journal offline to keep track of the things I am grateful for every night before I go to bed, It would be a great thing to look at every month/year. I encourage you to do it and if you feel like sharing I would love to see it. What are you grateful for? Leave it in the comments.


T-shirts by Books and Ballads. 

What is creativity and how to get creative


[kree-ey-tiv-i-tee, kree-uh-]
1. The state or quality of being creative. (Very helpful, right? Eye rolling moment) 
2. The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns,relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms,methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination. 
I guess we can work with the definition number two.
In my own words I would just say think different, get out of the box, step out of your comfort zone and look into options.  Being creative applies to our every day life, on how we surf through daily routinary issues, preparing our meals in a new way, or random things like organizing your closet in a more efficient manner to you.
Believe it or not you can be creative with almost everything you do and you will find it so much more interesting, you can give a try at least for 24 hours.

creativity-clothing-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-10 creativity-clothing-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-6 creativity-clothing-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-7creativity-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-4


creativity-clothing-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-11creativity-clothing-red-circle-skirt-white-boots-2 creativity-cowgirl-hat-red-circle-skirt-white-boots-8

Definitely one of the reasons why I started this blog was expressing myself through clothing and photography, getting creative on the way I dress, mixing colors or items that are not meant to match or look good together and somehow make them work or repurposing old garments transforming them into something new. Preparing my outfits is a creativity exercise that makes me really happy.

I guess that’s all for now!

creativity-clothing-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-12 creativity-smile-cowgirl-hat-red-circle-skirt-white-boots-9

I’m preparing a few examples of people that I find very inspiring for their creative ways of doing things, that post is coming soon!
Now as homework… what do you love doing? what makes you happy? Got it? Ok, try to do that “something” in 3 different ways this week. It can be anything… driving, singing, cleaning, playing video games, writing, painting, gardening, talking, etc; anything is valid so GO!!! If you share with me, you will make me even more happy.

cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-5Photos by Julieta Romina / Top Stylewe / Hat, skirt, bag and boots from the thrift store.

Tie Dye Skirt and YRU Cloud boots

Walking into a Goodwill and finding a Tie Dye skirt with fringe on the sides couldn’t be better! I really find stressing going to shopping malls, but to me thrift stores are therapeutical, it is like my own treasure hunt. As always I create my look guided by a certain color palette, in this case I choose the skirt as base to build up from there. The cloud boots from YRU were the perfect to complete the outfit.

cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-2 cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-4The Kello Kitty sunglasses are another thrift find, these I got at Depop, an app to buy second hand clothes. I use it a lot to buy and sell stuff.

I was talking to a friend a few days ago about what playing with clothes and getting dressed in different ways means to me, and the answear is that I find it very exciting, believe it or not I feel adrenaline running through my veins, it makes me happy and brings so much joy to my life. Is the way I chose to express myself, a way to be creative.

cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-5 cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-3 cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-1
cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-6Photos by Nellys life

10 interrogantes que te ayudarán a tomar una buena decisión

Ninguna persona en el mundo puede decir que nunca ha pasado por una situación de incertidumbre, sobre todo si se trata de una decisión importante en la vida, que pueda afectar o no el rumbo de sus futuros.

Estos son procesos normales de la vida, que muchas veces nos genera miedo, arrepentimiento, pero que tenemos que saber superar.

La vida es muy dinámica, se trata de cambios constantes, de decisiones, de ganancias y de perdidas, y saber que todos vivimos bajo la misma primicia es una alivio que nos ayuda – en parte – a sacarnos un poco el miedo que sentimos dentro.

La mejor forma de tomar decisiones es simplemente preguntando a la persona más indicada: tú mismo.


En este artículo te presentamos unas preguntas que te ayudaran a tomar la decisión correcta o la que más te conviene. Estas te permitirán entrenar tu habilidad para tomar mejores decisiones más adelante:

1.¿Desde hace cuánto tiempo he pensado en esto?

Ocurre que a veces no podemos sacarnos algo de la cabeza, nos cansamos de darle vueltas y vueltas y al final estas no tienen mucha importancia. Una manera de acabar disminuir un poco el estrés que nos generan estas cosas es valorar cuánto hemos pensado en esto.

2.Cuando pienso en ese tema ¿qué siento?

Siempre sentimos algo a la hora de tomar una decisión, ya sea miedo, angustia, ansiedad, temor. Toma en cuenta cuál es tu estado fisiológico en esos momentos, evalúalo, y luego ve en el camino correcto.

3.¿Esta decisión afectará mi vida en cinco años?

Muchas veces se nos presentan situaciones en la vida en las que tenemos que decidir por un lado o por el otro, y nuestro futuro se puede ver afectado en gran manera por el camino que tomemos. Imagínate a ti mismo en un futuro tomando en cuenta ambos caminos, evalúa inteligentemente tus pensamientos y motivos en torno a esta decisión con el resto de las preguntas.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

4. ¿Qué tan comprometido estoy con este cambio?

Esta pregunta es parecida al punto anterior, y es que muchas veces no sentimos el compromiso necesario para enfrentar los cambios que conllevan dicha decisión. Plantea una escala del 1 al 5 y utilízala para evaluar tu compromiso.

5. ¿Qué otras opciones tengo?

Muchas veces ocurre que somos “cuadrados”, es decir, nos encerramos en un pensamiento y no vemos con claridad otras alternativas que fácilmente podamos escoger. Plantea todas las opciones que tienes y analiza las ventajas y desventajas de cada una de ellas. Esto te permite solo enfocarte en las alternativas que más te convienen.

6. ¿Qué es lo peor que puede ocurrir si no tomo esta decisión, o si me equivoco?

En este punto debes visualizar cuál puede ser la peor situación que se te puede presentar tomando esa decisión. Esto te ayuda a enfrentar mejor tus temores, y a darte cuenta de aspectos que quizás no habías tomado en cuenta.

Mientras que en otras ocasiones esta pregunta nos ayuda a elevar el nivel de importancia y a mantener nuestros ojos abiertos para decidir lo mejor posible. Recuerda que el estrés no es algo negativo del todo, pues mantiene tu sistema nervioso “encendido” y preparado para actuar.

7. ¿Es este el momento indicado?

Este punto es muy importante, ya que no solo hay que considerar la importancia de la decisión, sino el momento en que se realiza. No es lo mismo decidir ser padre a los 17 años que a los 27 años. Céntrate en el presente, y contesta con sinceridad. No busques el momento perfecto, pero sí trata de encontrar el momento adecuado.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Tienes que ser muy objetivo y realista al responder esta pregunta, ya que dependiendo de tu respuesta podrás tener una visión más clara del futuro y podrás decidir fácilmente. Respuestas como: “cuando empiece mi siguiente proyecto en 2017” o “cuando en mi cuenta tenga 1000 dólares”, son respuestas más concretas que te permiten a estar más claro.

9.¿Alguna experiencia pasada puede ayudarme?

Es importante tomar en cuenta los antecedentes. Piensa si has tenido que decidir algo similar en el pasado y los resultados que tuviste. Esto te facilitará en gran manera la tarea de decantarte por una opción u otra.

10. Después de decidir ¿cómo me sentiré?

Definitivamente esta es una de las preguntas más importantes a la hora de tomar la decisión correcta. Tu norte tienen que ser tu salud, tu felicidad, así que reflexiona sobre las consecuencias que puede traer dicha decisión, si son negativas o traerá cosas positivas a tu vida.

No olvides que tomar decisiones no se trata de izquierda o derecha, sino que cada decisión tiene sus consecuencias, por lo que es importante que inviertas tiempo para inclinarte por la respuesta correcta.

Autor: Edith Gómez / Twitter: @edigomben

Let’s talk about business and productivity with Edith Gomez


Hi everyone! I am Edith, journalist and part of Gananci. I help young entrepreneurs to develop their businesess and to grow economically and emocionally. I am a dreamer and super curious, I can’t sit still!

I had the opportunity to get in touch with Aminta, the editor of Aminta Online to bring my expertise along with positive energy through each one of my posts right to your screen and open the doors to all your questions and build a supportive community.

Here I am to help you all based on my experience to find your own way to success, it may be around the corner, but sometimes we need a little extra help and another set of eyes.

My first post is coming right away so please stay tuned. I cannot wait to interact with all of you.


¡Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Edith, soy periodista, formo parte de Gananci y ayudo a jóvenes emprendedores a desarrollar sus negocios y a crecer no solo profesionalmente, sino también como personas. En lo personal, soy soñadora y algo curiosa. Vamos, ¡un culo inquieto!

Tuve la oportunidad de contactar con Aminta, la editora y responsable del proyecto Aminta Online y por eso estoy aquí. Porque quiero aportar mi granito de arena con artículos inspiradores, que transmitan una fuente de energía positiva a todos los lectores. Quiero hacer reflexionar y que entre todos hagamos “piña”, creemos una comunidad unida y cercana.

En concreto, quiero ofrecer consejos sobre preocupaciones que cualquiera puede tener, hablando también sobre mi experiencia e intentando ofreceros algunas soluciones y caminos alternativos que a veces, por diversos motivos, no conseguimos ver.


En pocos días, os sorprenderé con mi primer post. Así que atentos, que se aproximan curvas. Estoy deseando empezar, interactuar con todos vosotros y generar debates que aclaren ideas y nos enriquezcan.


Follow me on Twitter : @edigomben