10 lugares que visitar o qué hacer en Bogotá, Colombia.

Para los que no me seguís en las redes sociales os pongo un poco al día, hace unas semanas estuve por primera vez en Bogotá, Colombia. Aunque la gente dice que es una ciudad peligrosa, yo solo puedo deciros cosas bonitas de ella. Os recomiendo siempre tener algún contacto local al viajar a Latinoamérica en

Como es el Strip de Las Vegas
Como es el Strip de Las Vegas

Como es el Strip de Las Vegas

Cómo es el Strip de Las Vegas? pues yo lo había visto en las pelis, en fotos y videos de amigos y tenía una idea, pero quería comprobarlo por mi misma. La semana pasada estuve unos días en la ciudad. Aunque era un viaje de trabajo me escape una tarde con zapatos cómodos a conocer el

We Love Colors at Venice Beach

Hey everyone!! Finally I post some of the pictures we took at Venice Beach few weeks ago. I went with the We Love Colors crew and we made this cool video. It was my second time in Los Angeles, but the first time I was only 9, so we can say for sure it was

Las Vegas desert – Road Trip

It was my first time on a Road Trip in the United States, I have to admit I get so bored inside a car on long distances, but this time we took it slow… we stopped to eat, to take pictures, I drove  and  I also tried to focus on the views and how the colors

Clouds, birds and soccer at the Beach

If there is something that always calls my attention those are the clouds, it amazing shapes and colors changing throughout the day seem hypnotic to me, and if we add palm trees, a beach and some birds dancing around them it make the scene a lot more interesting. Sometimes I just lay down and look

Smoothie Recipe

If there is something I love drinking often is a freshly squeezed juice or a home made smoothie. I was on the road and suddenly a colorful garden called my attention and decided  to turn back and stop by to see what was going on there, it could be fairyland, you never know. When I

Faux fur and hot pants

I know that some of you are freezing right now or maybe you are wearing a big coat, hat and gloves, but believe me this how winter looks like in Florida, I don’t wanna know how is summer, but hey! for sure my Boodwah hot pants were made for Miami. Thank you my lovely friend

Water print and Neon lights

Wearing this splash colors tights and body I feel like Water Woman… so fresh even when Im all covered up . Also Lynda sent me this beautiful handmade ( In Philippines ) drop shape clutch few months ago and I couldn’t post pictures wearing it until now. You gotta visit her shop Little Odd Forest ,everything has

Giant Vintage and Blue Miami

Today is the last day at Miami ! It has been a wonderful time here, I have  been doing office work this time so I didn´t have enough time to walk around the city. But this so far the blue calor caught my eye. As you can see I always find a pair of Giant

London Fashion Week Street Style

Septiembre es un mes de locos, semana de la moda tras semana de la moda. Esta vez tuve la oportunidad de asistir por primera vez a London Fashion Week y fue una experiencia genial. Aunque viví 6 meses en esta ciudad no deja de sorprenderme, cada calle, el metro, los artistas callejeros, los escaparates, todo