Welcome 2017

There is no perfect time or perfect age for anything, there is just THE time, which is your time.  Don’t compare yourself to others, write your own story and freely bloom.

Have a wonderful 2017.

bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-2 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-1 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-3 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-7 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-6 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-8

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

– Chinese Proverb

bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-5 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-9 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-10Local store wig / Walmart Bandana / Sex Shop Choker / Style We dress / We Love Colors fishnets / YRU rainbow shoes. Photos by Julieta

What is creativity and how to get creative


[kree-ey-tiv-i-tee, kree-uh-]
1. The state or quality of being creative. (Very helpful, right? Eye rolling moment) 
2. The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns,relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms,methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination. 
I guess we can work with the definition number two.
In my own words I would just say think different, get out of the box, step out of your comfort zone and look into options.  Being creative applies to our every day life, on how we surf through daily routinary issues, preparing our meals in a new way, or random things like organizing your closet in a more efficient manner to you.
Believe it or not you can be creative with almost everything you do and you will find it so much more interesting, you can give a try at least for 24 hours.

creativity-clothing-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-10 creativity-clothing-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-6 creativity-clothing-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-7creativity-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-4


creativity-clothing-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-11creativity-clothing-red-circle-skirt-white-boots-2 creativity-cowgirl-hat-red-circle-skirt-white-boots-8

Definitely one of the reasons why I started this blog was expressing myself through clothing and photography, getting creative on the way I dress, mixing colors or items that are not meant to match or look good together and somehow make them work or repurposing old garments transforming them into something new. Preparing my outfits is a creativity exercise that makes me really happy.

I guess that’s all for now!

creativity-clothing-cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-12 creativity-smile-cowgirl-hat-red-circle-skirt-white-boots-9

I’m preparing a few examples of people that I find very inspiring for their creative ways of doing things, that post is coming soon!
Now as homework… what do you love doing? what makes you happy? Got it? Ok, try to do that “something” in 3 different ways this week. It can be anything… driving, singing, cleaning, playing video games, writing, painting, gardening, talking, etc; anything is valid so GO!!! If you share with me, you will make me even more happy.

cowgirl-hat-red-skirt-white-boots-5Photos by Julieta Romina / Top Stylewe / Hat, skirt, bag and boots from the thrift store.

Tie Dye Skirt and YRU Cloud boots

Walking into a Goodwill and finding a Tie Dye skirt with fringe on the sides couldn’t be better! I really find stressing going to shopping malls, but to me thrift stores are therapeutical, it is like my own treasure hunt. As always I create my look guided by a certain color palette, in this case I choose the skirt as base to build up from there. The cloud boots from YRU were the perfect to complete the outfit.

cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-2 cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-4The Kello Kitty sunglasses are another thrift find, these I got at Depop, an app to buy second hand clothes. I use it a lot to buy and sell stuff.

I was talking to a friend a few days ago about what playing with clothes and getting dressed in different ways means to me, and the answear is that I find it very exciting, believe it or not I feel adrenaline running through my veins, it makes me happy and brings so much joy to my life. Is the way I chose to express myself, a way to be creative.

cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-5 cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-3 cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-1
cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-6Photos by Nellys life

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

This is the second year I work on a few DIY Halloween Costumes over a month earlier to provide some inspo to all of you working on your costumes and planning ahead of time. I created a series of 9 easy DIY ideas that anyone could make just using scissors and a hot glue gun, which means not sewing skills are needed at all. (Yaaay!)

If you want to watch the full series click here. I just posed for two of them. The first one is Lady Deadpool, which seems to be a very popular costume this year. I wanted to create an easy version, because all the versions I saw online were pretty complicated, this came out really good for the amount of time I invested making it.


We used tights for arms and legs instead of bodypaint, so I just had to paint my face. Also we used old tights as boot covers.


We made all the costumes using mostly We Love Colors products and the result is pretty amazing.  Thanks to my friend Indie Annie Jones for helping over with this creative project. We had so much fun making this together.


Cowboy boots + wavy wig street style

It’s Cowboy boots day! Those who watch my youtube videos already know that I got this boots for less than $10 at a thrift store a while ago and I wore them a few times since then, but it’s the first time that I show them off on my blog. I rarely opt for “simple” looks, but I guess I tried this time by only adding a dress with nothing else on top or underneath.

This wavy wig is my second favorite, because the afro one is my first favorite. I have have had this one for almost a year and for $30 it looks and feel really good.

cowgirl-cowboy-boots-rust-dress-miami-street-style-hairstyle-blonde-wig cowgirl-cowboy-boots-rust-dress-miami-street-style-hairstyle-blonde-wig-1 cowgirl-cowboy-boots-rust-off-the-shoulder-dress-miami-street-style-hairstyle-blonde-wig- cowgirl-cowboy-boots-rust-dress-miami-street-style-hairstyle-wavy-wig cowboy-boots-cowgirl-rust-dress-girl-smiling-miami-street-style-hairstyle-blonde-wig

Hey.. hoy es día de botas camperas. Los que me seguís en el blog sabéis que las encontré uno de esos días de compras de segunda mano por menos de $10 y no había tenido oportunidad de mostrarles como quedan puestas.  Digamos que opte por ir “sencillita” esta vez, me pareció que este vestido no necesitaba más, que os parece a vosotros? La verdad no me lo pongo mucho porque siento que se me salen las tetas por los agujeros de los lados, digamos que me siento un poco vulnerable jajaja.. pero como aquí estamos para tomar riesgos y divertirnos ahora me lo pienso poner más seguido.

Nos vemos la próxima semana con otro look por aquí o podéis seguirme por Instagram para ver publicaciones diarias.

Black Platform Boots Street Style

The day I found these platform boots on Depop I fell in love, they were a little bit overpriced for my budget so I let them go. A couple days later I saw them again on my feed and they were half price, so THAT was a sign. Couple days later I got them at my door and they were perfect, they are perfect, they look like vintage even though they are not. I wear them a looot as I think they go well with everything. I would consider them a basic.

It’s fun how when I talk to people (that don’t know me) they think I am promiscuous and I do all kind of drugs and hey! I am totally the opossite, but I am not gonna explain myself.

*BTW If you love me in secret speak up man!!

So the point is people will judge for what they see, but you know what? I will keep wearing what ever I want. Don’t let society change who you are, embrace your body, wear what makes you happy. Haters gonna hate anyways.


Black-platform-boots-demonia-patent-leather-total-black-look-streetstyle-aminta-online platform-boots-miami-total-blackBlack-platform-boots-demonia-patent-leather-total-black-look-streetstyle-aminta-online Black-platform-boots-demonia-patent-leather-total-black-look-streetstyle-aminta-online Black-8Black-platform-boots-demonia-patent-leather-total-black-look-streetstyle-aminta-online

El día que me tope con estas botas en Depop me enamoré, estaban un poco caras para mi presupuesto así que “las dejé ir”. Días más tarde me tope con las mismas botas, pero las habían puesto a mitad de precio, parecía que era el destino así que llegaron a mi armario y ahora son mis botas favoritas, me encanta ese aire vintage setentero que tienen aunque no son vintage de verdad.

Sabeis algo? Cuando la gente me vestida así, y bueno cualquier día la verdad, me juzgan. Algunos pocos me hablan y se piensan que llevo todas las drogas del mundo en mi bolso y/o que trabajo en un puticlub y la verdad es que ninguna de las dos cosas es cierta. Eso si no pienso dar explicaciones a nadie sobre lo que soy o dejo de ser.

Por cierto! Si tengo algún admirador secreto por allí, se agradece que deje ser secreto y se ponga en contacto.

También os digo que no pienso cambiar mi forma de vestir  por lo que otros piensan. Como dijera Taylor Swift, Haters gonna hate! 

A 70s housewife

Today I am a 70s housewife, welcome home. Welcome to my life.

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but at some point of my life I wanted to be an actress, I’m not acting on theaters or tv, but I got the starring rol in the story of my life. I believe that’s why I love wigs and playing dressing up, I become a different character every day, I live with passion and every thing I do is exciting to me.

Few days ago a friend said, ” To me every single day is my birthday, because my old self dies when I go to bed and there is a new me every morning.” So hell yeah! Every day is a new opportunity to make the most out of it as if it was our first and last day on earth. Just like a play that will never be the same and only plays once.

By the way, my neighboor has a really pretty home.

70s-housewife-retro-2 70s-housewife-retro-9 70s-housewife-retro-15 70s-housewife-retro-5 70s-housewife-retro-13 70s-housewife-retro-10 70s-housewife-retro-7 70s-housewife-retro-14 70s-housewife-retro-870s-housewife-retro-12

How to wear Leopard Print

How to wear leopard print? Well the answer is very simple just pair it up with your favorite pieces, with other prints, with solid colors, with a leather jacket, with swimsuits. To me it is a basic. Do you guys have any pieces in your wardrobe that are considered “basics” to you? I have this same effect with my splash colors leggings from We Love Colors, they just go well with everything. Rainbow never fails!!

All the items on this look are thrifted.

leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-8 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-2 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-10 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-12 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-14 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-6 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-9 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-11

Photos by Mary Dorsett

70s Inspired Summer Look

This time I wanted to travel back in time to create a 70s inspired summer look. A pair of flare pants and a floppy hat were the key of my look. Everything I am wearing is actually second hand like most of the time. I think I should start recording my Goodwill adventures more often. It is so much fun to play around with clothes.

By the way I have a new wig! how do you like this one?





Photos by @msdorsett

No os imagináis como me divierto jugando a ser diferentes personajes cada día a la hora de vestirme. Esta vez me inspiré en los años 70, todas las piezas del  look son de segunda mano, cada una llegó a mi armario en épocas diferentes y ahora parece que hacen un buen equipo todas juntas. 

Por cierto tengo peluca nueva, os gusta?