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Hace unos meses el portal Chictopia abrió una nueva web hermana, Chictopia Connect, un lugar de encuentro para marcas y bloggers que a pesar de estar en la etapa de evolución está siendo un éxito. Como parte de ese éxito crearon estas “tote bags” en dos modelos, yo me cogí el de follow me y

Teva, las sandalias del verano

Seguro muchos de vosotros recordáis las clásicas sandalias un poco de “guiri” de toda la vida, esas que son super ligeras y muy cómodas que incluso te las puedes poner en otoño con calcetines (bueno yo me las he puesto). Pues la marca Teva, creada en 1984 aterrizó hace muy poco en España y nos

Motel Rocks is on Sale… Up to 70% off

Yes! Im as happy as I was when I pose for this picture because the people at Motel Rocks send me an email yesterday saying that tomorrow ( Sunday 21)  they start their #MOTELSALE! cool stuff with up to 70% off… and I thought it was a good idea to let you know guys in

Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim, a mix that always works. By the way what do you think of this hairstyle, yay or nay ? I just shaved the sides again, you can see a preview of how it looks here, I have now triangles and geometrical shapes, but you just see them depending on how I do

Vintage velvet bodysuit

Surfing through ebay is one of my favorite hobbies, to spend time scrolling through vintage or one-of-a-kind product auctions… one of those days I found this vintage velvet bodysuit and I really like the way it fits on the top. I wore it with my american apparel pleated skirt, a sheer top underneath from Boodwah

Summer knits

Yep! You are right, is not summer yet but some places are getting hotter than others so it is time to get the summer knits out  and those fresh and soft garments that are perfect to make hot days a lot better, this light pink top is from Grayson, an online shop with affordable prices (from

How I wear my Bell Bottoms – Flare Pants

First of all I have to say these are The Bell Bottoms, yes with capital letters. I was dying for a pair these and voilà Boodwah made them for me, I wore them on the blog the first time here, but you couldn’t see them in all their glory. Im wearing them with a crop

The Flintstones

Hey…This is my new The Flintstones t-shirt!  Do you like it? Changing topic, guess what? after few months in the United States I gained weight! Here is so easy to eat the huge meals they serve you in between sodas and conversations… maybe I was too skinny so let’s take this as something positive. The

How to put Clip In Hair Extensions
How to put Clip In Hair Extensions

How to put Clip In Hair Extensions

Im going to show you on this video How to Put Clip in Hair Extensions. As you know I love changing my hair very often and one of the easiest and fast ways to do it is using Clip in Hair extensions or wigs ( of course). Im wearing the Silky Light Red # 130 from


We stumble across this abandoned building – I think it is abandoned – with a giant sign with the word Tomorrowland on top while driving around Miami on our way to lunch. I was planning to take pictures that day, yes. That’s why I had the camera with me but not at that precise moment. The

The Amazing Spiderman

Shopping at Goodwill, kids section to be more specific, is the best thing ever. Normally my size and more colorful. I have some much fun hunting for treasures. One of those visits I found this cool Spiderman T-shirt, I love the bright colors in it and I don’t have to crop half of it (