Selfie La Serie # 3 / Ripped Jeans

Problemas del primer mundo… Habrá quedado bien la foto?  / First world problem… Is the picture looking good?  Está enfocado? / Is it in focus? Creo que desde aquí quedará bien. Si claro! –  Soy la niña sin cabeza / Maybe from here the picture will look good.  Yeah right! Im the girl with no head. 

Follow Me

Hace unos meses el portal Chictopia abrió una nueva web hermana, Chictopia Connect, un lugar de encuentro para marcas y bloggers que a pesar de estar en la etapa de evolución está siendo un éxito. Como parte de ese éxito crearon estas “tote bags” en dos modelos, yo me cogí el de follow me y

Teva, las sandalias del verano

Seguro muchos de vosotros recordáis las clásicas sandalias un poco de “guiri” de toda la vida, esas que son super ligeras y muy cómodas que incluso te las puedes poner en otoño con calcetines (bueno yo me las he puesto). Pues la marca Teva, creada en 1984 aterrizó hace muy poco en España y nos

Adventure Time with Havaianas Boots

Jake the dog, from Adventure Time asked me for help, he is trying to find the best Havaianas Boots for him. I think that the blue ones look really cool contrasting the yellow color of his body, what do you think people? Do you have any other suggestion for Jake? You can see all the

Happy 2015

Happy. That´s the only word I want in my life this 2015. Just positive energy and good vibes.  The glitter middle finger down here is a message to all negative vibes out there, for sure they are not welcome around. By the way! I want thank WOVO for this Holiday present <3 Im loving my new

Cup of Couple y Mi Armario en Ruinas for Krack

Hace un par de semanas la zapatería Krack celebró en Bosco  de Lobos junto a bloggers y amigos el lanzamiento de una de sus nuevas colecciones , en esta ocasión se trataba de los diseños de Cup of Couple y Mi Armario en ruinas .. Aquí podéis ver el vídeo del ambientillo de la fiesta, quienes

Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Etam

Uno de los cuentos que más me gusta o al menos que más curiosidad me causa es el de Ricitos de Oro o en inglés Goldilocks The Three Bears , me gustaría estar en su lugar investigar esa casa, beberme la sopa de los osos, cotillear cada rincón y por supuesto dormir en sus camas… Digamos que

Miami Sunshine !

Can you believe that after a week here yesterday was the first time that I jumped into the pool and had a chance to chill a little bit !  I had a lovely time with my friend Marta from Guapas 4 ever, we met in Mexico almost 6 years ago and I was really happy

Blue is the color for Raiders !

Hello everyone! Im still in Miami working a lot on a new big exciting project … at the end of the week I will be back in Madrid full of energy and ideas… I shot the following images few weeks ago in Madrid wearing the new New Era collection  in collaboration with Raiders t-shirt in

Ganga Shop parisian Style

Madrid is such a wonderful city, each corner has something different to offer.. I often walk around this park near my office , it reminds me of Paris. When I ended up with this look I  was sure it had to be shot in here. ( For those living outside Madrid, this is Barrio Las Salesas)

Miami and We Love Colors here I go…

After 2 years working with We Love Colors and wearing their stuff almost every day Im going to finally meet all the staff, the factory and everyone behind this wonderful brand. While Im writing this post I have one hand on the keyboard and the other one on my suitcase getting ready for Miami , is

I wanna live in ..Chic Place

Some of you usually ask me about my favorite shops and as you know I normally shop on flea markets, vintage stores and of course online. Etsy used to be my favorite market place and I do shop a lot there, but there is a new website called ChicPlace that has a lot cool stuff