Welcome 2017

There is no perfect time or perfect age for anything, there is just THE time, which is your time.  Don’t compare yourself to others, write your own story and freely bloom.

Have a wonderful 2017.

bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-2 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-1 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-3 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-7 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-6 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-8

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

– Chinese Proverb

bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-5 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-9 bandana-purple-hair-yru-rainbow-platforms-stylewe-black-dress-10Local store wig / Walmart Bandana / Sex Shop Choker / Style We dress / We Love Colors fishnets / YRU rainbow shoes. Photos by Julieta

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