Tie Dye Skirt and YRU Cloud boots

Walking into a Goodwill and finding a Tie Dye skirt with fringe on the sides couldn’t be better! I really find stressing going to shopping malls, but to me thrift stores are therapeutical, it is like my own treasure hunt. As always I create my look guided by a certain color palette, in this case I choose the skirt as base to build up from there. The cloud boots from YRU were the perfect to complete the outfit.

cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-2 cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-4The Kello Kitty sunglasses are another thrift find, these I got at Depop, an app to buy second hand clothes. I use it a lot to buy and sell stuff.

I was talking to a friend a few days ago about what playing with clothes and getting dressed in different ways means to me, and the answear is that I find it very exciting, believe it or not I feel adrenaline running through my veins, it makes me happy and brings so much joy to my life. Is the way I chose to express myself, a way to be creative.

cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-5 cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-3 cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-1
cloud-thigh-high-boots-yru-dollskill-dreamcatcher-sweatshirt-tie-dye-mini-skirt-aminta-online-6Photos by Nellys life

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