20 things that make me happy lately / Gratitude

Exactly a year ago I made my first -and only- video with 10 things that make me happy. The bad part is that I didn’t do it again, the good thing.. I am doing it now. I will double up this time to compensate, so here you have my list of 20 things that me me happy.


  1. The weather in Miami is amazing right now, the breeze in your face feels so good.
  2. Trying new things for the first time.
  3. Working at We Love Colors  a happy, positive and colorful place.
  4. Getting to see my friend Sita Abellán playing in Miami few months ago.
  5. Making new friends and living new experiences with them.
  6. Preparing new sections/articles for Aminta Online for the upcoming year.
  7. Getting to work on more photography and art direction projects.
  8. Wearing one costume per day during October.
  9. Attending to my first twerking class.
  10. Adding extra memory to my phone so I can take a lot more photos and videos.

red-crop-top-south-beach-miami-belly-chain-aminta-online-10-jpg-9 red-crop-top-south-beach-miami-belly-chain-aminta-online-10-jpg-7

  1. Visiting my family 3 times in the past year.
  2. Fixing my broken washing machine by searching in youtube how to trouble shoot it.
  3. Getting to know myself more every day.
  4. Setting up goals and accomplish them.
  5. Discovering the Quinoa burgers from Trader Joe’s
  6. Becoming friends with the lovely Courtney Val ( who actually took these pictures).
  7. Buying my favorite shoes with more than 50% off.
  8. Going to a general checkup and find that you are the healthiest person on earth.
  9. Find a really cool wood vintage mirror on the street.
  10. Winning over 1000 tickets at Dave and Busters enough to get a glitter lamp. 

red-crop-top-south-beach-miami-belly-chain-aminta-online-10-jpg-10red-crop-top-south-beach-miami-belly-chain-aminta-online-10-jpg-11 red-crop-top-south-beach-miami-belly-chain-aminta-online-10-jpg-12

Have you think about the things that make you happy? If not, maybe is a good time to do it. The gratitude  feeling towards life and yourself is very strong and positive.

I love you all and wish you a Happy November!!

red-crop-top-south-beach-miami-belly-chain-aminta-online-10-jpg-13 red-crop-top-south-beach-miami-belly-chain-aminta-online-10-jpg-4

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