6 years blogging on Aminta Online!

Can you believe I started Aminta Online 6 years ago? During this time I have created my own path in an unknown land, staying true to my crazy self, taking blogging breaks whenever needed and posting non stop when I was inspired. I’m so grateful for every single experience I have had thanks to this blog, for each one of you reading at the other side of the screen.

Because inspiration comes from within, we will start there.  I have realized that taking care of our mind and body goes first in order to be able to create, to give.  I want that you all take part on this grwoing adventure where we will share tips for heathy living, nutrition, vegan meals and more. Also I will open a space for questions, where we can discuss about life, friendship, love, sex, work and anything else that you may need to talk about. This a place to share, to enjoy, to be free and above all happy.

I am changing the ME into WE.

A team of professionals will be joining Aminta Online very soon to make all that happen.

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