6 years blogging on Aminta Online!

Can you believe I started Aminta Online 6 years ago? During this time I have created my own path in an unknown land, staying true to my crazy self, taking blogging breaks whenever needed and posting non stop when I was inspired. I’m so grateful for every single experience I have had thanks to this blog, for each one of you reading at the other side of the screen.

Because inspiration comes from within, we will start there.  I have realized that taking care of our mind and body goes first in order to be able to create, to give.  I want that you all take part on this grwoing adventure where we will share tips for heathy living, nutrition, vegan meals and more. Also I will open a space for questions, where we can discuss about life, friendship, love, sex, work and anything else that you may need to talk about. This a place to share, to enjoy, to be free and above all happy.

I am changing the ME into WE.

A team of professionals will be joining Aminta Online very soon to make all that happen.

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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

This is the second year I work on a few DIY Halloween Costumes over a month earlier to provide some inspo to all of you working on your costumes and planning ahead of time. I created a series of 9 easy DIY ideas that anyone could make just using scissors and a hot glue gun, which means not sewing skills are needed at all. (Yaaay!)

If you want to watch the full series click here. I just posed for two of them. The first one is Lady Deadpool, which seems to be a very popular costume this year. I wanted to create an easy version, because all the versions I saw online were pretty complicated, this came out really good for the amount of time I invested making it.


We used tights for arms and legs instead of bodypaint, so I just had to paint my face. Also we used old tights as boot covers.


We made all the costumes using mostly We Love Colors products and the result is pretty amazing.  Thanks to my friend Indie Annie Jones for helping over with this creative project. We had so much fun making this together.