A 70s housewife

Today I am a 70s housewife, welcome home. Welcome to my life.

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but at some point of my life I wanted to be an actress, I’m not acting on theaters or tv, but I got the starring rol in the story of my life. I believe that’s why I love wigs and playing dressing up, I become a different character every day, I live with passion and every thing I do is exciting to me.

Few days ago a friend said, ” To me every single day is my birthday, because my old self dies when I go to bed and there is a new me every morning.” So hell yeah! Every day is a new opportunity to make the most out of it as if it was our first and last day on earth. Just like a play that will never be the same and only plays once.

By the way, my neighboor has a really pretty home.

70s-housewife-retro-2 70s-housewife-retro-9 70s-housewife-retro-15 70s-housewife-retro-5 70s-housewife-retro-13 70s-housewife-retro-10 70s-housewife-retro-7 70s-housewife-retro-14 70s-housewife-retro-870s-housewife-retro-12

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