80s Bikini + belly Chain

This is another 80s Bikini to add to my collection. I own more vintage bikinis and swimwear than regular clothes, I guess that’s the perk of living in Miami and being addicted to thrift stores. Have you ever found your self owning too many of some items in your closet?

No, I don’t go in the water with the belly chain but I do wear it around the pool just because it’s fun.

80s-bikini-belly-chain-curly-hair-880s-bikini-belly-chain-curly-hair-2 80s-bikini-belly-chain-curly-hair-5 80s-bikini-belly-chain-curly-hair-9 80s-bikini-belly-chain-curly-hair-6 80s-bikini-belly-chain-curly-hair-4 80s-bikini-belly-chain-curly-hair-7 80s-bikini-belly-chain-curly-hair-380s-bikini-belly-chain-curly-hair-10

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