How to wear Leopard Print

How to wear leopard print? Well the answer is very simple just pair it up with your favorite pieces, with other prints, with solid colors, with a leather jacket, with swimsuits. To me it is a basic. Do you guys have any pieces in your wardrobe that are considered “basics” to you? I have this same effect with my splash colors leggings from We Love Colors, they just go well with everything. Rainbow never fails!!

All the items on this look are thrifted.

leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-8 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-2 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-10 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-12 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-14 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-6 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-9 leopard-print-leather-jacket-curly-hair-11

Photos by Mary Dorsett

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