Selfie La Serie # 3 / Ripped Jeans

Problemas del primer mundo… Habrá quedado bien la foto?  / First world problem… Is the picture looking good? 

Está enfocado? / Is it in focus?Self-portrait-aminta-online-31

Creo que desde aquí quedará bien. Si claro! –  Soy la niña sin cabeza / Maybe from here the picture will look good.  Yeah right! Im the girl with no head. 


Que tal si muevo la cámara un pelín más arriba? / What if I move the camera slightly up?Self-portrait-aminta-online-36

Mira, paso del total look! Voy hacerle un book a mis pantalones que por algo nos tiramos Arturo ( el chico majo de Pepe Jeans) y yo unas cuantas horas tuneando estos vaqueros. / Listen, forget the total look pictures. I will make a book for my DIY jeans, they totally worth it, as Arthur ( the handsome boy at Pepe Jeans Custom Studio) and me spent few hours customizing these jeans.

Self-portrait-aminta-online-39 Self-portrait-aminta-online-38 Self-portrait-aminta-online-34

Esperad! Vamos a probar una pose mas creativa / Wait! Let me try something more…creative.Self-portrait-aminta-online-33Que tal si probamos algo asi sentadita, en plan normal de la vida?  / What If I try something sitting on the floor, you know a simple and casual pose. Maybe that works.

Por cierto podéis ver el video de cuando fui a la tienda Pepe Jeans en Madrid a customizar estos vaqueros en su Pepe Jeans Custom Studio AQUI. 

By the way you can watch the Vlog of the day I visited the Pepe Jeans Custom Studio in Madrid and customized these jeans with their team. Is in spanish but still you can watch it HERE

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