We stumble across this abandoned building – I think it is abandoned – with a giant sign with the word Tomorrowland on top while driving around Miami on our way to lunch.

I was planning to take pictures that day, yes. That’s why I had the camera with me but not at that precise moment. The place was so perfect, so red, so empty… that we had to find a place to park and walked to ” The Set”




I couldn’t have a better background for this photoshoot. And yes I took all the “cliché” blogger pictures. And yes I posted a lot of images of the same outfit.

Tomorrowland-red-hair-hat-amintaonline-17 Tomorrowland-red-hair-hat-amintaonline-15 Tomorrowland-red-hair-hat-amintaonline-11


Tomorrowland-red-hair-hat-amintaonline-5 Tomorrowland-red-hair-hat-amintaonline-9 Tomorrowland-red-hair-hat-amintaonline-7



By the way! I changed my hair again, this time I dyed my hair and the hair extensions using the same color for the roots and two different colors for the rest of the hair. Im planning to post a tutorial on how to do that  ( It only works with natural hair extensions, these are from Irresistible Me) and also a tutorial on how to put them on if you have short hair as me.

Tomorrowland-red-hair-hat-amintaonline-8 Tomorrowland-red-hair-hat-amintaonline-24




Im wearing a Forever 21 top / Boodwah hot pants / YRB Dress ( is only $18 ) / Thrifted boots and hat / Thallo cross necklace.

Cosas que pasan! El plan del momento era ir a comer, hacer un par de compras y por la tarde en plan atardecer hacer alguna fotilla, pero zaz!! El día nos sorprende con este edificio tan genial con un antiguo y enorme letrero encimaQué hicimos? Dar un frenazo de los buenos, buscar donde aparcar y ala… a hacerme las fotos con este pedazo de fondo. Eso sí con un viento que alucinarían, mi pobre sombrero salió volando un par de veces.

Mi pelo nuevo, es el resultado de 5 horas de trabajo pintando mis extensiones de Irresistible Me y mi propio pelo del mismo color. Luego les enseño el tutorial del paso a paso por si os apetece meter mano a vuestro pelo.

Feliz finde a todo el mundo.

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