Blue shades – YRU – American Apparel and Miami

In Miami you always find cool buildings / locations to shoot. Even when that’s not your plan, you just gotta stop and shoot there because the place is perfect.

This time “I planned” it, I passed a few times in front of this building before and I wanted to shoot here so badly beacause of its’ shape and colors. I was lucky enough to also find an abandoned cake on the stairs that worked perfectly for the shoot.

About the look.. I’m becoming more addict to online shopping, specially when I find great deals. I bought a bunch of things at American Apparel just because they had a 90% off sale !! Im not sure if they still have it, if so is worth it.

The earrings are a mix of  Sailor Moon and Jem and the Holograms.


Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-14 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-13 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-5 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-8 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-12 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-7 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-6 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-11 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-15 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline


Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-9 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-3

Im wearing: Forever 21 crop top / Giant Vintage Sunglasses / Handmade headband / American Apparel velvet skirt / YRU platforms. / G4E KOI lipstick as eyeshadow.

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