The Amazing Spiderman

Shopping at Goodwill, kids section to be more specific, is the best thing ever. Normally my size and more colorful.

I have some much fun hunting for treasures. One of those visits I found this cool Spiderman T-shirt, I love the bright colors in it and I don’t have to crop half of it ( normally all t-shirts are too big on me).

I paired it with this velvet skirt from American Apparel that has the same shades and yes! I know you noticed the quirky patchwork denim shoes from the 90s, those are from another insomnia nights surfing on ebay. ( I feel like Britney Spears)

amintaonline35-Spiderman-american apparel-skirt Vintage-90s-shoes-bamboo.2 amintaonline-Spiderman-american apparel-skirt- amintaonline-Spiderman36-american apparel-skirt Vintage-90s-shoes-bamboo amintaonline37-Spiderman-american apparel-skirt amintaonline-Spiderman-american apparel-skirt

Señoras y señores no saben lo feliz que me hace ir de compras a un Goodwill, a la sección infantil para ser más específica. Todo es de mi talla y la ropa es mucho mas colorida.

En una de mis visitas a estas enormes naves de ropa me tope con esta camiseta de Spiderman, el color mola tanto que tenía que comprarla y por lo visto semanas mas tarde se convirtió en la pareja perfecta de mi falda de las rebajas de American Apparel.

Para terminar vamos al tema que seguro os ha llamado la atención! Y esos zapatos tan raros? Pues nada! Una noche de insomnio, ebay, yo… y zaz!! Los encontré y como tengo la suerte de que a pocas personas les gustan las mismas cosas que a mi, la subasta no estuvo nada reñida y estos pequeños llamaron a la puerta de mi casa.

Por cierto con estos zapatos noventeros me siento muy Britney!

Hasta la próxima.

Flowers are for Spring. Yeah right.

Flowers all over the place, 90s boots and gold, everything gold in my jewelry box. Yes! I wanted to keep it simple, you know.

The awesome shades of course are from Giant Vintage.



There is a story behind this necklace. Is a real flower immortalized by the artists behind the creative brand Thallo ( Made in Greece) . I have had it for a while now. I normally wear cheap accessories, but this one is my little treasure. GiantVintage-sunglasses-miami4

flower-dress-american-apparel-amintaonline4I got the boots in Ebay, they were so cool and my size, so I just hit the Buy Now! button without thinking ( normally I think a loooot before buying, believe me).

Few weeks ago I missed a similar pair,that one was sick, colorful.  By now Im happy with these ones. amintaonline


The dress is from American Apparel ( with more than 50% off. Of course) .

Thank you for stopping by people 🙂

Alice’s Pig Stars Maxi Dress

Few weeks ago I got a friendly email from England, a new online shop Alice’s Pig was inviting me to visit their website, to know about their brand and offering me one of their wonderful designs to wear on my blog. Im very picky and I don’t accept every offer I get, so ….

I went to their website and…. that was fun!! The home page turns into the product page when you mouse over the pictures, their designs are modern with a clear vintage inspiration. I chose the “Willow’s Wonderland Stars” maxi dress because the pattern and the cut called my attention right away, I saw that the fabric was see through so I thought that removing the lining was a good idea to turn it into something more “Aminta” and I could wear a sports bra and my Boodwah hot pants underneath. They also have short videos for each product so that makes the shopping experience a lot better.

My honest feedback: The dress is incredibly well made (Hands down), they took care of every single detail and the quality is outstanding. Definitely worth the invest as I think you can wear this dress in so many different ways.. I styled it this time in a casual way I added a converse belt and I used the sash that came for the waist around my neck, for sure I will experiment other options with this item.


My ♥ currently ♥ favorite ♥ hairstyle! Stars-Maxi-dress-alicespig-amintaonline9 Stars-Maxi-dress-alicespig-amintaonline11 Stars-Maxi-dress-alicespig-amintaonline10 Stars-Maxi-dress-alicespig-amintaonline3 Stars-Maxi-dress-alicespig-amintaonline7 Stars-Maxi-dress-alicespig-amintaonline13 Stars-Maxi-dress-alicespig-amintaonline12 Stars-Maxi-dress-alicespig-amintaonline5



My friends were asking If I was shooting with my dirty shoes, and the answer was yes! Can you tell me who has white shoes that remain white after wearing them once? So this is my reality. Dirty white shoes.

PS. Maybe they should go to the washing machine this weekend though.


Thank you for taking your time to read me lovely creatures !! See ya next time…

Motocross girl

Am I into motocross now? It could be possible, but no. Im not good driving two wheels vehicles, I found a kid playing around and I asked him if it was possible to use his bike and helmet for a couple of pictures and he said, sure! But just a couple of minutes, I gotta go back home. ( You can see him leaving  in one of the pictures below) .

I’m wearing Nike t-shirt and shorts that I found at Goodwill, these shorts are so comfy and easy to wear with almost everything I think I have 3 of these already.

Don’t mind my hair, after the helmet it looks very messy.


amintaonline-lasvegas-28 amintaonline-lasvegas-27 amintaonline-lasvegas-24 amintaonline-lasvegas-23 amintaonline-lasvegas-25

amintaonline-lasvegas-19 amintaonline-lasvegas-26

The hat is from a local shop, the tights are We Love Colors and the boots Panama Jack

Little black dress -OMG!

I remember the day I tried to follow/listen to the Stylists’ advices.. like everyone needs a white shirt, a pair of jeans with a great fit, a pair of basic stilettos – heels pumps or however you call them- and of course a LBD ( Little black dress). After thinking about it for a couple of seconds I realized that I didn’t have any of those in my closet, so I decided to give them a try.

So… Forget about the white shirt I couldn’t make it there. This was my attempt of wearing Stilettos, here Im wearing Jeans. I finally got two or 3 pairs ( I don’t wear them that often though) and what you see today is the only little black dress that I own, but after this post it is going straight to my Depop shop, I confirmed once again that this is not my thing.

Shooting this pictures was fun and different to what I normally post, I took out the actress that lives inside me.

By the way: I do have my own basics, but they look like this, this or this.


Few weeks ago on one of my Goodwill shopping days I found this dress and I thought it was a good idea to give it a try, continuing with my kind of Cosplay Challenge.

amintaonline-lasvegas-46 amintaonline-lasvegas-52 amintaonline-lasvegas-56 amintaonline-lasvegas-48 amintaonline-lasvegas-50 amintaonline-lasvegas-51

Thrifted total look / Giant Vintage Sunglasses. 

Blue shades – YRU – American Apparel and Miami

In Miami you always find cool buildings / locations to shoot. Even when that’s not your plan, you just gotta stop and shoot there because the place is perfect.

This time “I planned” it, I passed a few times in front of this building before and I wanted to shoot here so badly beacause of its’ shape and colors. I was lucky enough to also find an abandoned cake on the stairs that worked perfectly for the shoot.

About the look.. I’m becoming more addict to online shopping, specially when I find great deals. I bought a bunch of things at American Apparel just because they had a 90% off sale !! Im not sure if they still have it, if so is worth it.

The earrings are a mix of  Sailor Moon and Jem and the Holograms.


Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-14 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-13 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-5 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-8 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-12 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-7 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-6 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-11 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-15 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline


Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-9 Bluehouse-miami-amintaonline-3

Im wearing: Forever 21 crop top / Giant Vintage Sunglasses / Handmade headband / American Apparel velvet skirt / YRU platforms. / G4E KOI lipstick as eyeshadow.

Velvet Bell Bottoms

Im a retro girl! Do you remember I told you I wanted these Bell Bottoms from Boodwah etsy shop? Heeeey I got them in the mail few days ago and I couldn’t resist my joy that I just got myself in this beauty and ran out to snap these pictures. It was just during the sunset so we were running out of light, but hey! That didn’t stop me 🙂 at least I got some shots to show you my new treasure.

Im also wearing my boodwah sheer blouse, YRU platforms and my vintage multicolor sequined jacket. ( Is on sale in my Depop app account, find me as @amintaonline )

rainbowhair-amintaonline-17 rainbowhair-amintaonline-15 rainbowhair-amintaonline-13 rainbowhair-amintaonline-14 rainbowhair-amintaonline-12 rainbowhair-amintaonline-11 rainbowhair-amintaonline-16

By the way! Happy easter everyone 🙂