The Amazing Spiderman

Shopping at Goodwill, kids section to be more specific, is the best thing ever. Normally my size and more colorful. I have some much fun hunting for treasures. One of those visits I found this cool Spiderman T-shirt, I love the bright colors in it and I don’t have to crop half of it (

Flowers are for Spring. Yeah right.

Flowers all over the place, 90s boots and gold, everything gold in my jewelry box. Yes! I wanted to keep it simple, you know. The awesome shades of course are from Giant Vintage. There is a story behind this necklace. Is a real flower immortalized by the artists behind the creative brand Thallo ( Made

Alice’s Pig Stars Maxi Dress

Few weeks ago I got a friendly email from England, a new online shop Alice’s Pig was inviting me to visit their website, to know about their brand and offering me one of their wonderful designs to wear on my blog. Im very picky and I don’t accept every offer I get, so …. I went

Motocross girl

Am I into motocross now? It could be possible, but no. Im not good driving two wheels vehicles, I found a kid playing around and I asked him if it was possible to use his bike and helmet for a couple of pictures and he said, sure! But just a couple of minutes, I gotta

Little black dress -OMG!

I remember the day I tried to follow/listen to the Stylists’ advices.. like everyone needs a white shirt, a pair of jeans with a great fit, a pair of basic stilettos – heels pumps or however you call them- and of course a LBD ( Little black dress). After thinking about it for a couple of seconds I realized

Blue shades – YRU – American Apparel and Miami

In Miami you always find cool buildings / locations to shoot. Even when that’s not your plan, you just gotta stop and shoot there because the place is perfect. This time “I planned” it, I passed a few times in front of this building before and I wanted to shoot here so badly beacause of

Velvet Bell Bottoms

Im a retro girl! Do you remember I told you I wanted these Bell Bottoms from Boodwah etsy shop? Heeeey I got them in the mail few days ago and I couldn’t resist my joy that I just got myself in this beauty and ran out to snap these pictures. It was just during the