Goldfish at Caesars Palace – Las Vegas

Meet the Goldfish family!!  These beautiful guys were at one of the Japanese restaurants inside de Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas. It was very interesting how they come to you as you got closer to the glass, they seem experts in the art of posing. I took a lot of pictures to them, their color is fascinating, I never saw so many of these together before, don’t you love them?

By they way.. Did you know that I have started my Mickey Mouse collection? I have like 6 T-shirts, backpacks and even my lunch box. 



amintaonline-lasvegas-40 amintaonline-lasvegas-41

Caesar-Palace-Las-Vegas-aminta amintaonline-lasvegas-37



Im wearing Local shop hat, Goodwill skirt and sweater, We Love Colors Thigh Highs, YRU platforms.

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