We Love Colors at Venice Beach

Hey everyone!! Finally I post some of the pictures we took at Venice Beach few weeks ago. I went with the We Love Colors crew and we made this cool video. It was my second time in Los Angeles, but the first time I was only 9, so we can say for sure it was my first time and I liked it. It was a short trip though, I have to go back soon.

VeniceBeach-welovecolors-amintaonline-1 VeniceBeach-welovecolors-amintaonline-12 VeniceBeach-welovecolors-amintaonline-8

Enjoy the video!!

VeniceBeach-welovecolors-amintaonline-7 VeniceBeach-welovecolors-amintaonline-4 VeniceBeach-welovecolors-amintaonline-3 VeniceBeach-welovecolors-amintaonline-5 VeniceBeach-welovecolors-amintaonline-13

We Love Colors Unitard and Panama Jack boots. 

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