Las Vegas desert – Road Trip

It was my first time on a Road Trip in the United States, I have to admit I get so bored inside a car on long distances, but this time we took it slow… we stopped to eat, to take pictures, I drove  and  I also tried to focus on the views and how the colors were changing every 10 minutes! we got to see how the sun was getting lost in Las Vegas desert painting everything with orange shades.

As is my tradition I went to thrift shopping in Vegas and I got this awesome cowboy hat which I wore a lot the following week – almost everyday- I cannot wear it now as I have all these braids that make my head bigger, but can’t wait to wear it back.

Every trip I make I try to pack light, I always bring my Panama Jack boots ( those always save my life) and any other pair of shoes that are usually platforms because they make me look taller.

Im wearing We Love Colors tank leotard and fishnets, the skirt is also from the Goodwill and the sunglasses are from my friend’s website Giant Vintage. 

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Much love!!


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