Giant Rubber Duck and Cyber We Love Colors girl

What happen when you are walking and you bump into a Giant Rubber Duck? yes! I wanted to take it home, but as that option was not possible I jumped in there another day to shoot some pictures with this pink guy , this could perfectly be my garden. Don´t you think so?

By the way I have been thrift shopping like a maniac lately, I got this cool denim skirt last week and I love the fact that it is high waisted and stretchy. I also made a new crop with my damaged We Love Colors yellow tights, cutting the crotch area for the neck and the feet for the arms.



amintaonline-duck-13 amintaonline-duck-1 amintaonline-duck-8

amintaonline-duck-7 amintaonline-duck-6 amintaonline-duck-3


Im wearing: Just Fucking Cool headband / We Love Colors tights as top, sports bra and sports socks / Thrfited skirt / O´Necklace personalized name necklace ( mine says Born Unicorn) / ASOS shoes / Giant Vintage sunglasses. 

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