American Diner and platform boots

We were on the road from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, we were really hungry so we got off the highway on the first exit we found and we just found Richie´s Real American Diner , the staff was super friendly and they allowed us to take a couple of pictures. The light and the color of this American Diner was perfect , that´s why you have a picture overload today.

I got the skirt and the platform boots at a Thrift shop in Vegas called Epic Thrift , the tank leotard and fishnets are from We Love Colors. 




american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-14 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-8 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-23 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-11

american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-20 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-5


american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-25 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-2 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-24 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-1 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-19

american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-6 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-4




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