Goldfish at Caesars Palace – Las Vegas

Meet the Goldfish family!!  These beautiful guys were at one of the Japanese restaurants inside de Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas. It was very interesting how they come to you as you got closer to the glass, they seem experts in the art of posing. I took a lot of pictures to them, their color is fascinating, I never saw so many of these together before, don’t you love them?

By they way.. Did you know that I have started my Mickey Mouse collection? I have like 6 T-shirts, backpacks and even my lunch box. 



amintaonline-lasvegas-40 amintaonline-lasvegas-41

Caesar-Palace-Las-Vegas-aminta amintaonline-lasvegas-37



Im wearing Local shop hat, Goodwill skirt and sweater, We Love Colors Thigh Highs, YRU platforms.

Aminta Online goes redhead and sexy?

Few months ago the team from Ovey Magazine interviewed me for their issue #9 and one of their questions was ” What’s the sexiest thing you will wear? ” my response was that I don’t consider myself sexy. Listen people!  I can be fun, funky, crazy, many times people call me cute ( which I didn’t like but I’m trying to deal with that), but guess what? never sexy.

I have been thinking lately that I should become a cosplayer, seriously I find the idea of becoming different characters really exciting . This is me pretending to be sexy, of course I had to remove some clothes (I’m blushing) and add some statement accessories like huge platforms and cool sunglasses to make it more interesting.

As you can see I couldn’t get more than two pictures out of this shooting. But hey, maybe next time I will do it better.



Have a great weekend everyone!!


Las Vegas desert – Road Trip

It was my first time on a Road Trip in the United States, I have to admit I get so bored inside a car on long distances, but this time we took it slow… we stopped to eat, to take pictures, I drove  and  I also tried to focus on the views and how the colors were changing every 10 minutes! we got to see how the sun was getting lost in Las Vegas desert painting everything with orange shades.

As is my tradition I went to thrift shopping in Vegas and I got this awesome cowboy hat which I wore a lot the following week – almost everyday- I cannot wear it now as I have all these braids that make my head bigger, but can’t wait to wear it back.

Every trip I make I try to pack light, I always bring my Panama Jack boots ( those always save my life) and any other pair of shoes that are usually platforms because they make me look taller.

Im wearing We Love Colors tank leotard and fishnets, the skirt is also from the Goodwill and the sunglasses are from my friend’s website Giant Vintage. 

amintaonline-lasvegas-18 amintaonline-lasvegas-12 amintaonline-lasvegas-8 amintaonline-lasvegas-14 amintaonline-lasvegas-9 amintaonline-lasvegas-15 amintaonline-lasvegas-17 amintaonline-lasvegas-10 amintaonline-lasvegas-16 amintaonline-lasvegas-6

Much love!!


Sunset, swimsuit and yellow harness

Normally the best things in life are free, one of those amazing free things -moments- I really enjoy are sunsets, no matter the place I am in they are just magical everyday, the different shades of colors are hypnotic to me.

Of course sunsets also bring  an amazing light to shoot. I thought I was “too dark” when I decided to take these shots  but the pictures came out different and with really cool shadows I think.

The purple of the swimsuit with the yellow of the harness work very well together.

Beach-harness-amintaonline-swimsuit3 Beach-harness-amintaonline-swimsuit5 amintaonline-Miami-beach-blogger (40 de 41) Beach-harness-amintaonline-swimsuit2



Vintage swimsuit / Just Fucking Cool harness / MAC lipstick


Sparkle Review 1 – Palmitos

You may think I am crazy ( well you are right).

The point is that once in a while I will post reviews on my youtube channel, well in fact is not me, is Miss Sparkle! She is fun, has a latin accent and loves wearing colorful turbans , pom pom earrings and a lot of make up.

This time she is reviewing the Hearts of Palms a.k.a Palmitos.  Enjoy the video and subscribe for more reviews and nonsense.

Tweety and Bell Bottoms

I took my favorite cropped sweater for a night walk at Miami Beach, tweety was really excited about the cool lights.

I rarely wear jeans but recently I became addicted to bell bottoms, I found this ones on sale at ROSS , I tried them on and of course I got them.  A couple of days later a pair of black ones jumped to me at a thrift store I got those too… I will show you those soon and guess what? right now Im thinking of getting these velvet ones from Boodwah! I have to send her an email right now.

I normally hate the external flash, but hey!  at night it is very useful.



amintaonline-60 amintaonline-58 amintaonline-61 amintaonline-59 amintaonline-63


Lazy Oaf tweety sweater via ASOS / Bongo jeans / We Love Colors fishnets underneath / DIY pom pom earrings.

NOTE: Yes! I almost died shooting the last picture… but don´t worry! Im fine.

Giant Rubber Duck and Cyber We Love Colors girl

What happen when you are walking and you bump into a Giant Rubber Duck? yes! I wanted to take it home, but as that option was not possible I jumped in there another day to shoot some pictures with this pink guy , this could perfectly be my garden. Don´t you think so?

By the way I have been thrift shopping like a maniac lately, I got this cool denim skirt last week and I love the fact that it is high waisted and stretchy. I also made a new crop with my damaged We Love Colors yellow tights, cutting the crotch area for the neck and the feet for the arms.



amintaonline-duck-13 amintaonline-duck-1 amintaonline-duck-8

amintaonline-duck-7 amintaonline-duck-6 amintaonline-duck-3


Im wearing: Just Fucking Cool headband / We Love Colors tights as top, sports bra and sports socks / Thrfited skirt / O´Necklace personalized name necklace ( mine says Born Unicorn) / ASOS shoes / Giant Vintage sunglasses. 

American Diner and platform boots

We were on the road from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, we were really hungry so we got off the highway on the first exit we found and we just found Richie´s Real American Diner , the staff was super friendly and they allowed us to take a couple of pictures. The light and the color of this American Diner was perfect , that´s why you have a picture overload today.

I got the skirt and the platform boots at a Thrift shop in Vegas called Epic Thrift , the tank leotard and fishnets are from We Love Colors. 




american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-14 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-8 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-23 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-11

american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-20 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-5


american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-25 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-2 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-24 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-1 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-19

american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-6 american-diner-fishnets-platform-boots-4