Afro Hair, Sportswear and YRU

You would not believe the story behind these shoes!!

I have wanted a pair of YRU platforms for so long, not only because they are cool but also because I so tiny and these guys make me really tall in seconds. The point is I went to buy them at Nasty Gal, my first time shopping there, and the experience was terrible.

I order two pairs of shoes these rainbow ones and the YRU platforms, the platforms did not arrive with my order even when they said they were in stock it took them 11 days to deliver my incomplete order, I was very disappointed but I contacted them and they gave me the credit back and I placed my order again but this time I chose fast deliver over night ( that means next day) and guess what? It took them again more than 11 days, they lost my package and delivered to a wrong address, they told me that it was delivered correctly that they could not help, the only thing I could do was complaining to UPS and open an investigation! Yes, you read right, an investigation to find out where my package was… the investigation was closed and Nasty Gal said: The package has been delivered to you, we cannot help you.  This is when I get crazy because these are $ 88 shoes and I did not had them, Nasty Gal said they could not help me and now I had to fight with UPS after paying a $19 for express shipping they also said it was delivered to me ( which was wrong) now UPS suggested me to go back to Nasty Gal to open another investigation.. it was a never ending story between them. What kind of customer service is this?  I had to get really upset and fight for almost half an hour on the phone this time and asked them to find my freaking shoes … yes! You are right they found my box at one of their UPS offices after been delivered at a wrong address and it was about to be sent back to Nasty Gal.

I will never buy again at Nasty Gal, it was the worst experience ever. Nasty Gal you were not helpful at all.

amintaonline-duck-30 afro-hair-thighhigs-yru6 afro-hair-thighhigs-yru5 afro-hair-thighhigs-yru smile-amintaonline-sportswear


afro-hair-thighhigs-yru3 afro-hair-thighhigs-yru2 makeup-afro-hair-amintaonline-sportswear afro-hair-thighhigs-yru4 sunglasses-stars-necklace

Im wearing : Thrfited top and shorts / ROMWE (old) jacket / Giant Vintage Sunglasses / Eleonor de Casanovas necklace / We Love Colors Thigh Highs / YRU platforms / Afro hair result of removing my braids 😛

I think is the first time I share this kind of experience on my blog, but hey shit happens and it is really annoying. Have you experienced something like this?  If not I hope that this never happens to you and you get all your beautiful items on time at right place.



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