Coca Cola red

When I visited Japan last year, I was very inspired about the Japanese style – I still am-  but something that particularly called my attention was their way to wear sexy lingerie or pijamas  on their everyday looks.  You know I like playing, so this is my version inspired on the always cool girls from Harajuku, I got the Coca Cola t-shirt and the corset at the thrift shop ( It was a great find).

By the way, Im wearing my boodwah hot pants under the T-shirt.




ROMWE jacket / Thrift shop Coca Cola T-shirt and corset / ASOS shoes / Giant Vintage glasses

Jugando a llevar la lencería por fuera al más puro estilo japonés. Venga! que todo se vale 🙂

Feliz día,

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  1. wow, Aminta, it looks so bright and sexy 🙂 I think it is so you (I have been your silent admirer since long time)
    I would not be ably to wear a corset as the top layer, that’s for sure. But wearing a t-shirt as a dress, that’s modest enough for me 🙂
    (and loooove your hair!)

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