Candy Raver

What happen when someone tells you that your style is very “Candy Raver” and you have no idea of what that means .. yes! You google it, and guess what? It looks like there are hundreds of  “Amintas” out there. Im not a rave girl ( even when I look like one)  but I kind of like the meaning of it  their Peace, Love, Respect and Unity culture, their fun and colorful outfits and positive vibes.  I don’t mind been a Candy Raver, I can say that my life is my own rave and yes! You all are welcome to the party.

If this was something you all knew, please excuse my ignorance.

GoldBoots-fishnets-candyraver-amintaonline8 gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver5 gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver2 GoldBoots-fishnets-candyraver-amintaonline gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver3 braided-hair-pompom-earrings-amintaonline gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver4 gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver1Thrift shop ( Goodwill ) total look / We Love Colors  fishnet tights / DIY “jewelry”.

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