Clouds, birds and soccer at the Beach

If there is something that always calls my attention those are the clouds, it amazing shapes and colors changing throughout the day seem hypnotic to me, and if we add palm trees, a beach and some birds dancing around them it make the scene a lot more interesting. Sometimes I just lay down and look up to the sky trying to find shapes in the clouds – have you ever done that? It is fun! –

I have a guest blogger naturally posing at the back of my first picture ,just kidding, these boys were playing soccer around and the photo came out really cool with one of the them. I actually asked them if I could play with them, but they say that the team was complete ( That was a nice way to say – No, leave us alone.)

By the way. Im not wearing blue underwear, it is my bikini bottom ( just in case you are thinking other thing )

bikini-retro-amintaonline-swimsuit2 bikini-retro-amintaonline-swimsuit5 bikini-retro-amintaonline-swimsuit4 palmtrees-birds-clouds-miami-beach2 bikini-retro-amintaonline-swimsuit3 palmtrees-birds-clouds-miami-beach bikini-retro-amintaonline-swimsuit6

Im wearing: Flea market bra and cap / Boodwah hot pants / Giant Vintage sunglasses

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