Afro Hair, Sportswear and YRU

You would not believe the story behind these shoes!!

I have wanted a pair of YRU platforms for so long, not only because they are cool but also because I so tiny and these guys make me really tall in seconds. The point is I went to buy them at Nasty Gal, my first time shopping there, and the experience was terrible.

I order two pairs of shoes these rainbow ones and the YRU platforms, the platforms did not arrive with my order even when they said they were in stock it took them 11 days to deliver my incomplete order, I was very disappointed but I contacted them and they gave me the credit back and I placed my order again but this time I chose fast deliver over night ( that means next day) and guess what? It took them again more than 11 days, they lost my package and delivered to a wrong address, they told me that it was delivered correctly that they could not help, the only thing I could do was complaining to UPS and open an investigation! Yes, you read right, an investigation to find out where my package was… the investigation was closed and Nasty Gal said: The package has been delivered to you, we cannot help you.  This is when I get crazy because these are $ 88 shoes and I did not had them, Nasty Gal said they could not help me and now I had to fight with UPS after paying a $19 for express shipping they also said it was delivered to me ( which was wrong) now UPS suggested me to go back to Nasty Gal to open another investigation.. it was a never ending story between them. What kind of customer service is this?  I had to get really upset and fight for almost half an hour on the phone this time and asked them to find my freaking shoes … yes! You are right they found my box at one of their UPS offices after been delivered at a wrong address and it was about to be sent back to Nasty Gal.

I will never buy again at Nasty Gal, it was the worst experience ever. Nasty Gal you were not helpful at all.

amintaonline-duck-30 afro-hair-thighhigs-yru6 afro-hair-thighhigs-yru5 afro-hair-thighhigs-yru smile-amintaonline-sportswear


afro-hair-thighhigs-yru3 afro-hair-thighhigs-yru2 makeup-afro-hair-amintaonline-sportswear afro-hair-thighhigs-yru4 sunglasses-stars-necklace

Im wearing : Thrfited top and shorts / ROMWE (old) jacket / Giant Vintage Sunglasses / Eleonor de Casanovas necklace / We Love Colors Thigh Highs / YRU platforms / Afro hair result of removing my braids 😛

I think is the first time I share this kind of experience on my blog, but hey shit happens and it is really annoying. Have you experienced something like this?  If not I hope that this never happens to you and you get all your beautiful items on time at right place.



Coca Cola red

When I visited Japan last year, I was very inspired about the Japanese style – I still am-  but something that particularly called my attention was their way to wear sexy lingerie or pijamas  on their everyday looks.  You know I like playing, so this is my version inspired on the always cool girls from Harajuku, I got the Coca Cola t-shirt and the corset at the thrift shop ( It was a great find).

By the way, Im wearing my boodwah hot pants under the T-shirt.




ROMWE jacket / Thrift shop Coca Cola T-shirt and corset / ASOS shoes / Giant Vintage glasses

Jugando a llevar la lencería por fuera al más puro estilo japonés. Venga! que todo se vale 🙂

Feliz día,

Candy Raver

What happen when someone tells you that your style is very “Candy Raver” and you have no idea of what that means .. yes! You google it, and guess what? It looks like there are hundreds of  “Amintas” out there. Im not a rave girl ( even when I look like one)  but I kind of like the meaning of it  their Peace, Love, Respect and Unity culture, their fun and colorful outfits and positive vibes.  I don’t mind been a Candy Raver, I can say that my life is my own rave and yes! You all are welcome to the party.

If this was something you all knew, please excuse my ignorance.

GoldBoots-fishnets-candyraver-amintaonline8 gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver5 gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver2 GoldBoots-fishnets-candyraver-amintaonline gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver3 braided-hair-pompom-earrings-amintaonline gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver4 gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver gold-boots-mermaid-candyraver1Thrift shop ( Goodwill ) total look / We Love Colors  fishnet tights / DIY “jewelry”.

Open Sign – Motel Rocks – Giant Vintage and Palm Trees

Finding titles for your posts becomes something complicated after 4 years doing the same thing almost everyday and even more if I am not showing you ” how to wear bla bla bla” so hey.. Im just going to mention whatever is on the pictures, because the title does not matter right?  Ok. So this is what I wore on a hot day in Florida.

Blue Mirrored sunglasses from my friends at Giant Vintage, my favorite top from Motel Rocks which I wear a lot as you can see here , same as the shoes ( old one I got on sale on ASOS and wear every day), the shorts are from the charity shop.

 Oh! By the way… I wanted to take the OPEN sign home, isn´t it cool?

That´s all folks! See ya.

amintaonline-Miami-beach-blogger (2 de 41) MotelRocks-Miami-GiantVintage-amintaonline amintaonline-Miami-beach-blogger (3 de 41) open-sign-motelrocks-amintaonline amintaonline-Miami-giantVintage

Madre mía!! El tema de poner títulos a cada post se vuelve un suplicio, sobre todo cuando llevas más de 4 años haciendo lo mismo y cuando los posts en realidad no tienen ninguna función más que cotillear y mostraros el modelito del día o hey! – Mira que guapa me veo hoy o mirad que compra más molona hice el otro día en la tienda de segunda mano, así que decidí titular los posts de forma “random” o aleatoria, simplemente mencionando lo cualquier cosa que vea en la foto. Más que nada por poner un título claro está.

Bueno después de este párrafo sin sentido, me marcho a trabajar que hay que ganarse el pan de cada día.

Ah! Sí .. la señal de OPEN molaba mucho, quería llevármela a casa, pero no fue posible. ( La próxima vez me acerco de noche por la zona jajaja).

Joy , peace and love.

Break the Rules

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”- Pablo Picasso


welovecolors-amintaonline-nike-fishnets-platforms car-silver-fluffy-platforms-amintaonline-fishnets welovecolors-amintaonline-nike-fishnets-platforms2 fluffy-platforms-amintaonline-silver

WeLoveColors-green-hair-amintaonline I think I have always been against the rules, I just like to do my own thing as long as it makes me happy and if it can make others happy then it´s even better. But hey! Sometimes we gotta learn the rules so then we can break them like no one else.

Im wearing a cropped Splash Color Turtle Neck Leotard from We Love Colors, Nike sports shorts, We Love Colors fishnets, Dollar shop earrings and my DIY Silver platforms. 


Clouds, birds and soccer at the Beach

If there is something that always calls my attention those are the clouds, it amazing shapes and colors changing throughout the day seem hypnotic to me, and if we add palm trees, a beach and some birds dancing around them it make the scene a lot more interesting. Sometimes I just lay down and look up to the sky trying to find shapes in the clouds – have you ever done that? It is fun! –

I have a guest blogger naturally posing at the back of my first picture ,just kidding, these boys were playing soccer around and the photo came out really cool with one of the them. I actually asked them if I could play with them, but they say that the team was complete ( That was a nice way to say – No, leave us alone.)

By the way. Im not wearing blue underwear, it is my bikini bottom ( just in case you are thinking other thing )

bikini-retro-amintaonline-swimsuit2 bikini-retro-amintaonline-swimsuit5 bikini-retro-amintaonline-swimsuit4 palmtrees-birds-clouds-miami-beach2 bikini-retro-amintaonline-swimsuit3 palmtrees-birds-clouds-miami-beach bikini-retro-amintaonline-swimsuit6

Im wearing: Flea market bra and cap / Boodwah hot pants / Giant Vintage sunglasses

Adventure Time with Havaianas Boots

Jake the dog, from Adventure Time asked me for help, he is trying to find the best Havaianas Boots for him. I think that the blue ones look really cool contrasting the yellow color of his body, what do you think people? Do you have any other suggestion for Jake? You can see all the colors available here. Please leave your feedback for Jake on the comments and I will print them for him.

Thanks for helping us!!






Im wearing: Kling bodysuit / Nike Skirt / We Love Colors fishnet tights / ASOS boots

Jake the dog is wearing: Havaianas boots.