Afro Hair, Sportswear and YRU

You would not believe the story behind these shoes!! I have wanted a pair of YRU platforms for so long, not only because they are cool but also because I so tiny and these guys make me really tall in seconds. The point is I went to buy them at Nasty Gal, my first time

Coca Cola red

When I visited Japan last year, I was very inspired about the Japanese style – I still am-  but something that particularly called my attention was their way to wear sexy lingerie or pijamas  on their everyday looks.  You know I like playing, so this is my version inspired on the always cool girls from

Candy Raver

What happen when someone tells you that your style is very “Candy Raver” and you have no idea of what that means .. yes! You google it, and guess what? It looks like there are hundreds of  “Amintas” out there. Im not a rave girl ( even when I look like one)  but I kind

Break the Rules

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”- Pablo Picasso I think I have always been against the rules, I just like to do my own thing as long as it makes me happy and if it can make others happy then it´s even better. But hey! Sometimes we

Clouds, birds and soccer at the Beach

If there is something that always calls my attention those are the clouds, it amazing shapes and colors changing throughout the day seem hypnotic to me, and if we add palm trees, a beach and some birds dancing around them it make the scene a lot more interesting. Sometimes I just lay down and look

Sporty Chic? WTF?

Sporty chic? Boho Chic? Classy ? .. who invented the F***ing tags for every single thing in life? I always wonder why do we have to give a name and catalogue things and even people. Wear whatever the hell you want, even if it “does not match”. Who cares? Im wearing: We Love Colors leotard

Adventure Time with Havaianas Boots

Jake the dog, from Adventure Time asked me for help, he is trying to find the best Havaianas Boots for him. I think that the blue ones look really cool contrasting the yellow color of his body, what do you think people? Do you have any other suggestion for Jake? You can see all the