White swimsuit and Fishnet dress in Miami

Im kind of getting addicted to wear fishnet everything lately… tops, tights, high tights, dresses, socks.. . They just look great with whatever random thing you wear, at least that´s what I think.

This fishnet dress make this simple leotard ( worn as swimsuit) look quite cool.

amintaonline-Miami-swimwear-beach3 amintaonline-Miami-hotel2


amintaonline-Miami-palmtree amintaonline-Miami-swimwear-beach4 amintaonline-Miami-hotel amintaonline-Miami-swimwear-beach

Fishnet dress and leotard from We Love Colors / Giant Vintage sunglasses

I know that some of you are experiencing the coldest days of the year, so don´t hate me for posting these pictures.  Im sending you sun rays to warm up your weekend.


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