White swimsuit and Fishnet dress in Miami

Im kind of getting addicted to wear fishnet everything lately… tops, tights, high tights, dresses, socks.. . They just look great with whatever random thing you wear, at least that´s what I think. This fishnet dress make this simple leotard ( worn as swimsuit) look quite cool. Fishnet dress and leotard from We Love Colors

Smoothie Recipe

If there is something I love drinking often is a freshly squeezed juice or a home made smoothie. I was on the road and suddenly a colorful garden called my attention and decided  to turn back and stop by to see what was going on there, it could be fairyland, you never know. When I

Faux fur and hot pants

I know that some of you are freezing right now or maybe you are wearing a big coat, hat and gloves, but believe me this how winter looks like in Florida, I don’t wanna know how is summer, but hey! for sure my Boodwah hot pants were made for Miami. Thank you my lovely friend

Happy 2015

Happy. That´s the only word I want in my life this 2015. Just positive energy and good vibes.  The glitter middle finger down here is a message to all negative vibes out there, for sure they are not welcome around. By the way! I want thank WOVO for this Holiday present <3 Im loving my new