White swimsuit and Fishnet dress in Miami

Im kind of getting addicted to wear fishnet everything lately… tops, tights, high tights, dresses, socks.. . They just look great with whatever random thing you wear, at least that´s what I think.

This fishnet dress make this simple leotard ( worn as swimsuit) look quite cool.

amintaonline-Miami-swimwear-beach3 amintaonline-Miami-hotel2


amintaonline-Miami-palmtree amintaonline-Miami-swimwear-beach4 amintaonline-Miami-hotel amintaonline-Miami-swimwear-beach

Fishnet dress and leotard from We Love Colors / Giant Vintage sunglasses

I know that some of you are experiencing the coldest days of the year, so don´t hate me for posting these pictures.  Im sending you sun rays to warm up your weekend.


Smoothie Recipe

If there is something I love drinking often is a freshly squeezed juice or a home made smoothie. I was on the road and suddenly a colorful garden called my attention and decided  to turn back and stop by to see what was going on there, it could be fairyland, you never know.

When I was heading to fairyland I found this cute colorful place, and of course I entered and   order a fresh smoothie before continuing my journey.

It happened to be that the fairies were in holidays, but their place is quite awesome and my smoothie was healthy and really good.

If you are looking for great recipes to make healthy juices or smoothies at home go here, here or here and hey! Send me a picture at least 😉



amintaonline-Miami-beach-blogger (15 de 41)

amintaonline-Miami-beach-blogger (9 de 41) amintaonline-Miami-beach-blogger (14 de 41)


amintaonline-Miami-beach-blogger (8 de 41) amintaonline-Miami-beach-blogger (13 de 41) amintaonline-Miami-beach-blogger (10 de 41) amintaonline-Miami-beach-blogger (16 de 41)

Im wearing: Thrifted top / Boodwah hot pants/ ASOS boots / Giant Vintage Sunglasses.

Faux fur and hot pants

I know that some of you are freezing right now or maybe you are wearing a big coat, hat and gloves, but believe me this how winter looks like in Florida, I don’t wanna know how is summer, but hey! for sure my Boodwah hot pants were made for Miami.


amintaonline-hotpants-shorts-summer-fur-look amintaonline-hotpants-fur-summer-look4 amintaonline-hotpants-shorts-summer-photography amintaonline-hotpants-fur-summer-look5

Thank you my lovely friend Laura Caicoya and my favorite interns for this wonderful custom made faux fur top.

* Giant Vintage sunglasses / ASOS shoes / We Love Colors socks.

Happy 2015

Happy. That´s the only word I want in my life this 2015. Just positive energy and good vibes.  The glitter middle finger down here is a message to all negative vibes out there, for sure they are not welcome around.



wovo-store-aminta-online5 middle-finger-glitter wovo-store-aminta-online1



By the way! I want thank WOVO for this Holiday present <3 Im loving my new backpack guys.

* WOVO  is newborn site “Cabinet of Curiosities” focused on contemporary craftsmanship, every single item there is dope. ( I mean it ) 

Have a fucking happy 2015.