The Failure of the American Dream

‘Failure of the American Dream’ is based on the performative character of  artist Phil America living as a homeless American in The Jungle (which is America’s largest homeless encampment). He is seeking to bring the reality of American poverty to light, while showing the human side of an issue that is frequently bestialized and sensationalized.
The pop-up gallery showed video installation projected across one wall of the expansive West Hampstead location. The video was accompanied by a sculptural installation of his tent and belongings which Phil America relied on during a month of living in The Jungle.
Phil America-
PhilAmerica-American Dream
After spending a month in the tattered slums of Thailand, Phil America showcases the difference between countries and the similarities of desperation. This project is an exploration of Third World America, and the many left struggling with the daily nightmare of survival while getting lost in the promises of an American Dream.
More info at Public Delivery / Curated by Victoria Villasana
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