BeIN app Ambassador I Samsung Galaxy Tab3

Thank you BeIN app and Samsung for choosing me as one of your Brand Ambassadors in Spain.

After a long Saturday working 12 hours on a row, as it was expected I needed to disconnect and play dressing up with pretty things; lay down on the sand to not sunbath and look for a shade under the tree to create looks with BeIN app. 

First let me explain how this app works, this is a social media for fashion lovers (for now only available for Android) where you can spend hours surfing between designer clothes and shoes, you can also follow other user with the same taste and interests as you. You can make new friends, inspire and get inspired by them. Each look shows up with the detail of each garment below like where to buy it and price, and you are even able to buy it with one click! They made it super easy.

You can download the app on google play by clicking HERE and take advantage of their current giveaway “Welcome Summer” organized in collaboration with Samsung . The most voted look will get a Samsung Galaxy Note Neo. 



Once you download he app you just need to create a profile, choose your avatar and start creating looks. My user is Aminta Online, add me so I can see the looks you are creating. 






It would be great that the looks I create on BeIN app would become real in my closet, just like magic. 




Bikini Etam / Necklace and earrings Handmade / Sunglasses Fendi / Backpack Total Recall Vintage / Sandals SixtySeven via El Armario de la Tele.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!! Are you all in holidays?

(♥) Aminta

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