Reebok Creative HUB Madrid

Reebok Creative HUB it’s an interactive space to put your creativity in shape through a variety of free workshops open to the public. Login here and register to the workshop that interests you the most and come enjoy a different afternoon in such a fun space. 

I took part in the photography workshop “We are what we photograph” led by EriK Von Franken where each one of us created a photography in 2min with the objects that were on the table. At the end of the class we tried to “guess” who was the author of each photography. We switch and participated as models as well if someone else required it.  I invite you all to join this innovative initiative. We had a blast!

Reebok_creativeHUB_amintaonline-6 Reebok_creativeHUB_amintaonline-5 Reebok_creativeHUB_amintaonline-3 Reebok_creativeHUB_amintaonline-1

Reebok_creativeHUB_amintaonline-7 Reebok_creativeHUB_amintaonline-4 Reebok_creativeHUB_amintaonline-8 Reebok_creativeHUB_amintaonline-9

Reebok opened a creative space in Madrid free and open to everyone. I attended to a photography Master class with a small group of people and this is the result of our “two minutes” pictures.

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