Black and white

Hola gente bonita ! Como ya sabéis mi vida da mil vueltas en cuestión de minutos, desde hace un tiempo mi esposo, el fotógrafo oficial del blog, por trabajo cada vez tiene más complicado ayudarme con las fotos, así que me he apañado como he podido en una pared de casa y así serán las fotos de ahora en adelante, auto fotos. También haré otro tipo de fotos más artísticas y experimentales así que os dejo el aviso jaja..
Por cierto que planes tenéis para el finde?



“There is no black-and-white situation. It’s all part of life. Highs, lows, middles.”
– Van Morrison



Im wearing: Now I style top / Thrifted necklaces / vintage shorts/ We Love Colors tights / Modekungen ( awesome) shoes

Hey guys! There are news to tell you… the most noticeable one is that my husband and official photographer of the blog, every day is busier with his own job, so it´s impossible for me take pictures outdoors, even though I will try my best, most of them will be like this ones..self portraits on my home wall ( hope you don´t mind) Also I will be shooting other type of images ( not outfits ) something more creative some days, so don´t get surprised !!

Any plans for the weekend?

♥ Aminta

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  1. girlieblogger:

    This outfit may be just black and white, but it has all colors of personality. You look great. Also, your husband is officially awesome, for being such a good photographer.

  2. dezazu:

    Acabo de encontrar tu blog y me ha encantado, asi que para no perderme nada te sigo desde ya!!
    Te invito a dar una vuelta por mi rinconcito
    Un Saludo

  3. alamodest:

    These photos are just gorgeous! Your style is impeccable. Love that quote from Van Morrison too. I just watched a documentary with him about Irish Rock Music.

  4. Eat.Style.Play:

    Those are awesome shoes indeed! I love the top and the fun tights added. I think it came together really nicely! And I’m in love with your hair that way. It’s brings me back to some of my favorite movies in the 90’s where women sort of wore these amazing hair styles when short hair was all the rage;

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