I would like to tell you that I have been traveling , shopping and those things.. but the truth is I have been working non stop at home, wearing pijamas all day long editing pictures, doing some decoration projects for home and recording new DIY videos.. 24 hours are not enough for me, how can

New at home…

Are you happy when you get new stuff ? I do. Let´s talk about my new hair ( I know you noticed that ) this beautiful super long wig is from WONDERLAND WIGS they just have a huge variety of styles and colors for a very reasonable price , this is the first time I

Let it snow..

As I told you on Friday, we were going out for the weekend and yes! the weather predictions were right.. snow everywhere, I have never seen so many snow in my life ( Im from Guatemala people ) and I was so excited… you are not supposed to feel excited when you are in the

Keep your eyes on your goal !

Im wearing : Vintage jacket ( swap with my friend Sacramento) , random black pants and shirt, my shop shoes. Hoy ha sido un día de aventuras.. un viaje de 3hrs se convirtió en 5 largas horas, pasamos por parajes secos y soleados con un hermoso cielo azul y nubes blancas como el algodón ,

Nos vamos…

I was so happy thinking that spring was just around the corner, but guess what? we are still in winter and the weather man insists on that, this weekend Spain is getting fucking cold so there we are, wearing coats, boots, hats, all furry and warm stuff around us to keep ourselves safe ! this


De dónde viene la inspiración ? Os cuento mi versión en el blog que escribo para UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON. cual es la vuestra? Feliz día ! Aminta

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We are back!

Hi lovely people !! Have you seen the new layout?? hopefully this will stay for a long long time ( if nothing happens ) Im not a web designer but I have done my best to install this after a lot of problems, missing data, a lot of nights without sleep, and a long etc..

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