Oh life…

Im wearing a vintage dress / copper Wig Everyday I notice how lucky I am for having health, a family, a house, this blog… Im lucky to be full of ideas and positive energy, I will focus more on this positive things I have instead of looking at the things I dont have. Today is


Im wearing : Now I style red plaid shirt and leggings / Primark asymmetric black top/ local shop blue plaid shirt / Nike sneakers Life is all about learning from mistakes, looking forward to new projects and make the most out of it. This month we will move to a new city, still in Spain,


Im wearing : ASOS top and boots / WE LOVE COLORS tights and socks / Vintage hat and bag / Nifty Thrifty coat Today I had nothing in mind, one of those days when you feel uninspired … like if my ideas were gone. I meet up with a couple of fellow bloggers Tourquesa and


Today we have an organization post with two FREE printable calendars on our weekly collaboration for UNITED COLORS OF BENNETON ( CLICK HERE) Hoy os compartimos nuestra colaboración semanal para UNITED COLORS OF BENNETON, nos ayudará a organizarnos este inicio de año y hay 2 calendarios GRATUITOS que puedes imprimir desde casa ( CLICK HERE)


Im wearing : ASOS shirt and boots / Zara pants / Vintage MOSCHINO bag / DIY Necklace ( how to do it here CLICK ) Yes! The blog looks more “normal” now.. most of the feedback was about you getting confused with my new ( now old) layout so, how do you feel about this

Hello 2013

Here we are opening our arms to this new year… I have more ideas in mind than ever, Im excited and scared at the same time, but for the very first time in my life I will take it easy, will breath deeply and think before act, will walk step by step and I won´t