Catch me if you can…

Im wearing : Zara pants / Primark blouse / vintage dress / AX Paris Jacket  I love images with movement, full of joy and happiness , they express my personality!! Every year in during fall/winter I love wearing wigs 🙂 they are super cool to change look and also to keep me warm, it´s like


Im wearing : Urban Kaos  T-shirt / Boodwah hot pants / Cinderella Shop Online Sneakers / Now I Style Jacket / Mister Spex Sunglasses Im kind of loving oversized jackets and this one has been my best friend for the last couple of days!! this moring we had 1ºC … I was going to share a


Recovered files from early this year… I have lost everything I have posted in blogspot during the past year, will share those all pictures once in a while. Fotos recuperadas de principios de año… al moverme a este nuevo blog perdí todos los posts del último año! Así que iré recuperando fotografías de vez en

Photo Shooting ESE_A / Making of

This is what I normally do when Im not blogging!! … Thanks to the lovely models, my lovely husband and friends who were helping today at the photo shooting.. it´s a pleasure to work with fantastic people as you . Soon all the pictures on our facebook page ESE_A .—— Esto es lo que hago

Oxblood + Layers

Im wearing : NowIstyle sweater / gifted dress / primark pants / converse sneakers/ vintage sunglasses I normally wear almost the same clothes during the whole year… I just add more layers on fall /winter ! Today Im wearing a summer dress underneath just to add texture and a different length , the sweater is

Total blue!

Im wearing : Blue thrifted dress / DIY boots / Giant Vintage sunglasses Every time I change my hair color ( or wear wigs) its like  something changes inside me, hair really matter to me, it has to do with my emotions … right now Im feeling so “blue” ..  its a natural color you

Un mundo de cosas bonitas

    Lately I find very relaxing looking for beatiful things on internet, photography, illustrations , cool furniture.. I take it as “therapy” to clear up my mind and enjoy beautiful things…  I made a little “collage” of the cool stuff I found recently… the best of all are the flower pots  with permeable walls and a

Bloggers + El Corte Inglés
Bloggers + El Corte Inglés

Bloggers + El Corte Inglés

  El pasado jueves 4 de Octubre el Corte inglés nos invitó a conocer de cerca las colecciones otoño /Invierno de las firmas ” de la casa” en un hotel de ensueño, Marqués de la Ensenada. Contamos con la presencia de la directora de comunicación de Moda, Magali Yus, una mujer cercana y encantadora quién

Swarovski Elements iPad Magazine!

  SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ online world has expanded to include monthly editions of the new iPad Magazine designed to celebrate and promote the  collaborations with their partners, their thoughts and ideas, artistry and achievements, through inspiring words and sparkling photography. The  IN FOCUS section is a must read !!  As you know ( old readers ) Im


Im wearing : Motel Rocks pants / Lefties (kids) sweater / my shop shoes (old) / Giant Vintage Sunglasses Hi people! Today I have been at the wedding fair in my city 10 hours of non stop working so can you imagine how exhausted I am, tomorrow will be another long day… so I better


Im wearing : Giant Vintage Sunglasses / HM earrings/ CHICTOPIA Shop dress/ Shoppalu vintage jacket / Estela Balan skirt / Mexican shoes This is a very special look… because Im wearing items I really like 😀 ( yes all of them)  the dress was a gift from CHICTOPIA Shop for becoming Style Icon of the month (