Im wearing: Thrifted velvet skirt / Shoppalu cardigan / DIY bag /romwe Jacketthallo jewelry 

Is it me or it seems that a nuclear bomb exploted into the social networks? A lot less people commenting or sharing stuff… is it the weather, the crisis?.. not sure… but people show some love!!


Es mi imaginación o hay menos gente en las redes sociales??… casi nadie comparte o comenta cosas nuevas… será el clima, la crisis mundial?…. no tengo idea, pero animaros y mostrad un poco de amor!!

5 replies on “ Velvet ”
  1. I’m one of those who don’t comment lots – I feel repetitive saying things like “awesome” or “beautiful!”. But this outfit is stunning – this is very much 90s grunge at its best! I love that you wear it with such rockstar attitude – your hair looks great too! But yes I wish people would comment more even with the most boring stuff – I want to actually know what they think too! Love the touch of leopard peeking under your jacket too – hey hey hey fabulous to the max!

  2. I think it’s the time of year. I feel so lazy right now, haha. I wanted to stop by, though, and tell you how inspiring you are. You’re a taste-maker, you really are. There is no one else like you! Except, my French great-aunt looked sooo much like, haha. But she didn’t have the same sense of style.

    Have a good weekend dear!

  3. Si????? Pues no se que decirte Aminta, yo sigo compartiendo en Facebook sobre todo y dejando comentario en los blogs…
    La falda es preciosa, muy tendencia 😉
    Un besazo preciosa

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